Corner Kitchen Tables With Bench. Oak Table Tops.

Corner Kitchen Tables With Bench

corner kitchen tables with bench
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New Table
New Table
Along two sides of our kitchen table we have a custom-made bench that serves a second role as storage. Paige and dad sit on this bench whenever we have meals at home. Marna sits next to use (around the corner) in a chair. This arrangement has worked well ever since Paige has wanted out of her high chair and to eat with mom and dad (several months ago). Of late however, Paige seems to be getting antsy for more independence. Today she even asked to get down from the bench and then asked for her for to be lowered. She wanted the freedom to fulfill her curiosities, but without giving up her food. We had been pondering a little table specifically for Paige for some time now, and this really drove the point home. After running some errands, we stopped at the nearest Toy R Us to peruse our options. Marna found a great little setup with a table (including pull-out drawer) and two plastic chairs. It'll serve many purposes of the years, I'm sure. No sooner did Paige get over the newness however, than did she start having tea with Sid (a doll she got an a kids meal as part of the promotion for the movie, Ice Age 2). Okay, so it wasn't really much of a tea party, as Paige isn't quite that advanced yet, but Sid seemed to be enjoying himself.
Sofa & Hat Stand
Sofa & Hat Stand
Back in the mid-1990's I needed an apartment, but the rental market was insanely competitive. I made an appointment to see an apt. in this building. It was really cute with a corner bench kitchen table. But the landlady was quite batty. I told her I wanted to sign a lease, she said great. However, the people who came in ahead of me were still there and protested that she had already promised it to them and they were signing a lease. I let it go not so much out of human decency, but out of fear of having an absent-minded landlord. The next week I got the Sunday paper on Saturday night, made an appointment for a place a block from Fahey's. The landlord said I seemed like a nice girl so he canceled the rest of his appointments and let me sign on the spot. I had no remorse.

corner kitchen tables with bench