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Bistro Table Heater

bistro table heater
    bistro table
  • Term conventionally refers to a round table about 40" in height designed for small spaces and intimate dining. It is common for people to also refer to bistro tables as pub tables. Find a pub table.
  • A Bistro Table is a small, well designed table that is perfect for small spaces such as your kitchen or closely seated restaurants.
  • small, usually round table used for smaller meals and/or bar use. Taller versions of this are called bar tables and their heigh accomodates bar stools. Bistro tables are usually only large enough to crowd four people around them and doesn’t have room for full meals without serious crowding.
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water heater plus one = lazy
water heater plus one = lazy
Another inside shot of the scary creepy no-water, no-electricity, bring-yer-flashlight house that KD and I toured, originally with interest in a possible purchase. You'll note two water heaters in this photo, yes. The old one? Sure, that's the old one to the right and stuck inside with no hopes of ever coming out without disconnecting the newer one. Whassaproblemwiddat? You trying to tell me that you only keep one at a time? Sheesh.
Solar Water Heater
Solar Water Heater
Inside view of the very simple solar water heater. It's merely a standard water tank heater, with the outside casing/insulation removed. The silver reflective material directs the sunlight into the tank that has been painted black to absorb the heat.

bistro table heater