How To Cook Lobster Claws. Beef Casserole In Slow Cooker.

How To Cook Lobster Claws

how to cook lobster claws
    lobster claws
  • A tropical American plant with brightly colored flowers that resemble a lobster claw, each being composed of boat-shaped bracts
  • (LOBSTER CLAW) This clasp is a sturdier, oblong version of the spring ring clasp, used on necklaces and bracelets. It opens using a small internal spring.
  • Heliconia, derived from the Greek word helikonios, is a genus of about 100 to 200 species of flowering plants native to the tropical Americas and the Pacific Ocean islands west to Indonesia. Common names for the genus include lobster-claws, wild plantains or false bird-of-paradise.
  • (Lobster Claw) A clasp shaped somewhat like a lobster’s claw. The "pincer" arm is under tension by an internal spring mechanism that is opened and closed by a lever on its side.
    how to
  • Providing detailed and practical advice
  • A how-to or a how to is an informal, often short, description of how to accomplish some specific task. A how-to is usually meant to help non-experts, may leave out details that are only important to experts, and may also be greatly simplified from an overall discussion of the topic.
  • Practical advice on a particular subject; that gives advice or instruction on a particular topic
  • (How To’s) Multi-Speed Animations
  • (of food) Be heated so that the condition required for eating is reached
  • someone who cooks food
  • Prepare (food, a dish, or a meal) by combining and heating the ingredients in various ways
  • prepare a hot meal; "My husband doesn't cook"
  • English navigator who claimed the east coast of Australia for Britain and discovered several Pacific islands (1728-1779)
  • Heat food and cause it to thicken and reduce in volume

Party of the Month
Party of the Month
For years now we've been getting together, this same group of friends. We're a diverse group, ranging from dedicated outdoorsmen to one who thinks the outdoors is a necessary evil to be endured on the way to work or shopping. We're mostly in some type of technical field and those who aren't endure those of us that are. For a time, we tried rotating the party from house to house, but we eventually wound up at J's. We had a better time there and she was a far better cook than all of us put together. There's usually (usually? who am I kidding - see the next photo) some amount of wine involved, and the jokes get funnier as the night progresses. When we moved out west, the "Party of the Month" became the "Party of the Year", which meant we had to get a whole years worth of silliness in one evening. A tough job, but we manage. For example, this night's topics included: • Cheese - "Have you accepted cheeses into your life?", "Put your faith in cheeses", etc. • Male accuracy (and the improvement thereof by silkscreening flies into the backs of urinals) • And how to deal with the stress of the holidays (cover yourself in chocolate). And so many more. I wish I could remember them... This is one of those long term things you might see in a movie and say "I wish I had that in my life". I'm glad we do. And friends - if you're reading this - Thanks - See you next year!
David knows how much I miss Sweden and he surprised me the other day when he brought home crayfish! They are like tiny lobster, just more salty. And you have to work a little harder to get all the meat out of their tiny claws. But it's worth it! You can buy them frozen at IKEA. They are already cooked in water and dill so just defrost and enjoy!

how to cook lobster claws
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