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David Cook New Cd

david cook new cd
    david cook
  • David Cook is the major-label debut album (second overall) from seventh season American Idol winner David Cook. The album was released on November 18, 2008 in the United States, was certified Platinum and has sold over one million copies in the United States.
  • David L. Cook(e) (born November 11, 1968) is an American Christian country music singer-songwriter, comedian and a multiple Emmy Award and Telly Award winner. Born to Donnell and June Cook (nee Mercer), David is the oldest of six children.
  • David "Zeb" Cook is an American game designer best known for his work at TSR, Inc., where he was employed for over fifteen years.
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David Cook - CD Release Concert - Hard Rock Cafe - New York City - November 18, 2008
David Cook - CD Release Concert - Hard Rock Cafe - New York City - November 18, 2008
Man, what I wouldn't GIVE to have had my CURRENT camera for this event. I would SO have loved to have gotten better pics than this. Once again, limited quality with the 4 megapixel Canon A80. David was practically incandescent this night. You could ABSOLUTELY tell he was on Top of the World with the album having hit #2 on iTunes and #1 on the Rock list prior to the concert. It actually hit #1 as we were standing in line waiting to have CD's signed. This was the end of a FABULOUS week for me. I LOVE New York City and will go back there ANY time I can find a good (or even semi-good) excuse. Thank you David Cook for giving me the chance to make some fabulous memories and great friends!

david cook new cd
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