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Digital Wireless Tv Transmitter

digital wireless tv transmitter
    tv transmitter
  • A television transmitter is a device which broadcasts an electromagnetic signal to the television receivers. Television transmitters may be analogue or digital.
  • Lacking or not requiring wires
  • having no wires; "a wireless security system"
  • transmission by radio waves
  • radio: medium for communication
  • Involving or relating to the use of computer technology
  • (of a clock or watch) Showing the time by means of displayed digits rather than hands or a pointer
  • displaying numbers rather than scale positions; "digital clock"; "digital readout"
  • relating to or performed with the fingers; "digital examination"
  • of a circuit or device that represents magnitudes in digits; "digital computer"
  • Relating to or using signals or information represented by discrete values (digits) of a physical quantity, such as voltage or magnetic polarization, to represent arithmetic numbers or approximations to numbers from a continuum or logical expressions and variables

BCL Remuera & Vodafone/Woosh Remuera Towers
BCL Remuera & Vodafone/Woosh Remuera Towers
View of the UHF TV transmitter site serving the suburb of Remuera in Auckland, New Zealand. The view is from Ellerslie Racecourse, south of the transmitter site. The UHF TV transmitter is on the tall apartment building on the right. It is somewhat coincidental that this site was chosen for UHF transmissions since one of the channel the UHF transmitter broadcasts is Trackside. That channel broadcasts a lot of live streams from this very racecourse! It's hard to resist making an infinite loop joke! ;) I have also sneaked in a view of cell sites operated by Vodafone and Woosh Wireless -- which are both on the slightly shorter apartment building on the left. While it makes sense for Woosh Wireless to use this site as they are a mobile broadband provider with fewer sites compared to the cellular networks; I find it odd that Vodafone has chosen a high site when they have plenty of other low-lying sites covering this area.
I'll tag this little lot as soon as. I take this stuff when I go away. It's an expanded version of my work bag - with a few work things left in! The Kids watch TV (freeview or terrestrial) - I have directional antennas on the caravan - and then theres the PSP for playing stored MP4 video's or UMD's onto a TV. The 'BigBoy' plays Blu-Ray and the 'smallboy' just DVD's, SVCD's or MP4's - all can be done via 12v. The Internet is only ?1 per day (on the day of use) with the Orange World package and works in both PDA's or PCMCIA Card - with external antennas. TomTom navigation via Bluetooth on the PDA with various 12v power options. Various USB pen devices and card readers. Headphones, FM transmitter to create a wireless headphone situation with the USB MP3/FM radio. YoYo and PowerBall for those 'low-tech' moments.Maglites for trips to the toilets in the dark.

digital wireless tv transmitter
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