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quick up pool heater
    pool heater
  • Heater designed to heat water in a residential swimming pool (Aero Series).
  • An affordable way to heat your pool.
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Duncan House can be dark at night. But yes, you would figure that... I've never been afraid around the place though...even though after getting my mail upon returning late at night from Thanksgiving break, I was surprisingly encountered with an individual who brandished a gun in my direction (loaded or unloaded a real 9mm beretta or not- they were inconsistent in their threatening posture and clearly either not 100% committed to the script or highly inexperienced) and asked, unintelligibly at first due to the muffling of their bandanna, to give up my money & later to empty my pockets...as my roommate came up behind me as I had asked for his assistance earlier in unloading my vehicle...they said it was a joke. Apparently I was "about to go crazy" as the other individual present commented. I had offered them my mail in an exacerbated tone, admitted that I was broke, and when asked to actually empty my pockets produced the $4 I had to my name (not including the 2 dollar bill I carry for luck or something, I've seriously had that thing REJECTED when I attempted to spend it once, simply on the basis of it being rare, not any less valid as currency.) and then offered my "crappy phone" as I started to dial 911- then roommate comes up behind me. (whom I might add was only there coincidentally as he has rarely been present at the apartment in the months he's been "living" here). And yeah, I didn't get mugged here. And I still don't feel especially unsafe around here even with my former neighbor having let two individuals into his apartment who were asking questions got "cold clocked" and robbed a while before my personal incident. At any rate, the place exudes a certain level of...danger. Though it had nothing to do with some guy getting stabbed a few years back, or getting shot or anything like that... It has been known to flood...annually...and is a dangerous place to walk around as there are pointy sharp Yucca plants (sort of like cacti-like bushes with dagger bladed leaves) and holly bushes and malformed chain link fences surrounding the back side (to keep people from "falling off" the edge of the foundation as the place rests a bit on a slope). Essentially, and this is part of why I'm not really afraid of break ins and at least used to never really lock my door...the place feels HOSTILE to intruders, interlopers and those unfamiliar to its own brand of security. A complex divided into four brick buildings under one roof...it is known a Duncan House, it is on Reed Street off of the Strip. It should probably be condemned, but the brick exterior probably does save you some money on heating if you're willing to be a little cold at night during the winter... There are other features that have become appealing due to familiarity, the blue + creme toned paint + brick feel around the place, the big roof for instance....the unstable balcony supports for the second-floor apartments, the sometimes un-level handrails on the stairs...the somewhat weak overhead lighting, the "porch" lights that for the most part don't work (I think the balcony lights are maintained, but the bulbs for the lights to the common areas outside aren't replaced). All of this adds both to the appeal and negative qualities of the place. And I really wouldn't mind having lived here for almost three years if a few things hadn't happened... 1. My apartment hadn't flooded...twice. (I'm telling you Annual Flooding...the water heater burst in my place and then in my upstairs neighbors and in another apartment or two around the complex that I've just found out about- last year the maintenance guy told my former roommate that there were 9 more that needed to be replaced after ours...the place is down to 6 or 7 more unless they finally did the risk assessment of the "if it ain't broke don't fix it" policy). 2. The rent wasn't going up significantly every year. Though not in violation of the lease laws or the lease agreement, a place that was once one of the most affordable in town isn't competing enough with other complexes price wise, though location and OUTWARD appearances may rival say "Pride's Court" or farther off-campus facilities (btw, don't buy a condo, not worth it. but they're opening up a ton of them around here). At least pride's court has a pool and Alabama apartments has Gas stoves (you'd think paying more on your utilities would suck until black outs happen, and they do. Remember Katrina? That affected us directly too- just not nearly as bad. Power was only out for like days, not weeks and only like a handful of buildings were significantly damaged and/or destroyed as a result- "Duncan House"- admirably stood firm and only lost some shingles and took the weathering well otherwise). Oh and 3. Things are more than likely "quick-fixed" and only squeeky wheels get greased...essentially you slowly either put up with a lower standard
Beatroute Breakfast | @ the Local 510 | Sled Island 2011
Beatroute Breakfast | @ the Local 510 | Sled Island 2011
Sled Island. ah, yes. the annual rite of passage to Calgary. My 4th year at Sled and every year is special. This year, no different. For the second straight year I made the 12 hour drive through the Okanagan / Banff lands. This time with members of Sutures (Luna, Jason) and RWW. Got into Calgary pretty much 12 hours later + the hour ahead after leaving at 1AM the same day (after the Apollo Ghosts Planetarium show), picked up my pass at Henry's (also artist lounge hangout, free drinks! etc). For the first few days (Wed, Thur) I had a plan. However, that plan was foiled the first night when trying to see Memory Screen, Ketamines. Braids and Friendo among others. No worries, some of those bands would play later on in the fest. Crazy local three piece Faux Fur played the first slot at the Central United Church and played a short set that turned into a extended set when after about 3 or 4 songs they promised it would be there last but played one more, and another, and another. Wild Nothing followed and their set up wasn't bad but their dream popness were more suited in a club like Republik. I scrambled off to Tubby Dog for a sparse gathering seeing Sans Aids before a frustrating back and forth between the Hifi Club and the Marquee Room in which I had no idea which bands played on time. The night wasn't an absolute write off as I ended up at the Palomino, caught up with some Vancouver folks and saw Crocodiles. It's funny that at every Sled Island I'll meet people from Vancouver the first time in Calgary. It's kinda like "Oh, I see u around in Van, but I don't say hi. But now that we're in a different city, who are u again?". Ok, Thursday. Pool Party! House shows! It wouldn't be a Sled if there wasn't some kind of sloppy, sweaty show of some kind. At the pool party show, a stellar lineup of bands packed into this tiny basement. Duzheknew, Cousins, Feel Alright, Sans Aids, Faux Fur, Play Guitar and maybe more played. Rad bands from Halifax, Montreal, etc.. Ya know, where's Toronto in all this. Are there not legit bands from TO that come to Sled? As a side, one of my favourite bands is from TO but other then them, I have no idea what goes on there. NXNE? After some dry ice that was poured into the pool, veggie BBQ and drinking a few heaters (coronas, lime juice and hot sauce mixed up), it was off to a house show in a yellow house or in the backyard in a small wooden shed where Keep Tidy, Stressed Out , Grown Ups and I think B-Lines played. I was there for Keep Tidy and Stressed Out but I heard all shit broke loose when Grown Ups played. Fuckkkk. My tummy went for some Tubby Dog. After Tubby Dogs, I got lost trying to find Emmedia but eventually found it as it's by the Beatroute office and chilled out to some Two Bicycles (Teen Daze's other band). Not wanting to repeat any bad timing mishaps suffered from the night before, I pretty much stayed in one place Thursday night at the Republik catching Starfucker (which, sorry, I can't get into all after this second chance), Wild Nothing (way better than church setting) and Blonde Redhead. No time to sleep in. Friday 1pm start at Broken City for the Mammoth Cave showcase featuring the Gooeys, Topless Mongos, Bare Wires and Times New Viking. Mammoth alright. Holy shit, Bare Wires. After a little break, the Buzzcocks were set to go at 6pm and I wanted to avoid Olympic Plaza like the plague but just this one time on the weekend I went in. It was a fiasco as last year with getting access to go in with a photo pass and everything. So the Buzzcocks, yeah. They played. WHAT DO I GET?! I mean, seriously, WHAT DO I GET?! exactly. A quick walk over to the Palomino and saw some familiar local Vancouver favourites in Mode Moderne and Louise Burns. Oh Louise. Then it was off to Tubby Dog for some Teengirl Fantasy action. Gobble Gobble were set to play last and it would have been nice to stay but I saw them last year in the same venue so I went to the Twisted Element to see the Fist City, the Intelligence and Wild Flag show. Holy shit, Carrie Brownstein and Janet Weiss. Finally, icing on the cake for the evening going to the Legion for Cheeseburger and Hunx and His Punxxxx...love those Punkettes. With Friday / Saturday hangover, I managed to get myself up to go to the free Beatroute breakfast at the Local 510. Last year was these small breaky sandwitches like egg mcmuffins but this year was a mini breaky pizzza with some hashbrowns. Starting off the morning with some No Gold turned out to be a solid choice to get your day started right on the last full day of Sled. Since I'm writing this at 3:47AM now and wanting to finish this ASAP, the rest of Saturday was packed with a day show at Tubby Dog ( Slam Dunk) and another stab at Hunx and His Punx at Broken City. Missing Chad VanGaalen, Of Montreal and the Raveonettes at Olympic Plaza was of no consquence to me as I got to see a spiritually uplifting performance by Julianna Barwick at the Hillhurst United Church, Ca

quick up pool heater
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