Best electric wall heaters : 50 gallon electric hot water heater

Best Electric Wall Heaters

best electric wall heaters
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284:365 // tea and toast
284:365 // tea and toast
well I hadn't thought of doing my shot for today so soon after last nights.....but why not? I'm awake (just) and for once there is some nice sunlight coming thru the windows, so I might as well make use of it and save on the electric bill! This is me with full bed head goin on' (no change you say?) with my humble breakfast of tea and toast to help me shake the slightly heavy head thats followed last nights activities. Slightly strange for me to sit and eat breakfast alone....but Chloe and Robyn did get to exeter yesterday in the end after Chloe's migraine lifted so I'm left being the sole occupant of chez disco (unless you count flash the hamster). all day to myself.....hmmmm.....well I gotta catch up on flickr....but the sun is out I'm gonna take a walk out and shoot in a few hours peace out mwah mwah

best electric wall heaters
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