Strawberry Baby Hat

strawberry baby hat
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Baby dress, sun hat & panties for baby shower gift
Baby dress, sun hat & panties for baby shower gift
Crappy pic - we had rain yesterday and it was dark out and I took this pic just before I wrapped it. Made this for a friend who is having a baby girl in January. I added some yo-yos to the yoke of the dress to add some contrast. Dress & Pantie pattern is Simplicity 4243. Hat pattern is Simplicity 2388 Mama-to-be loved it! Main fabric is from Jay McCarroll's Garden Friends line and is called Strawberry Sunshine (in Mint colorway).
Strawberry Hat
Strawberry Hat
Hand Knit Strawberry Hat using Classic Elite mercerized cotton yarn. Since they don't make this yarn anymore, I had to resort to finding it on eBay, but it is so much fun to work with!. I used the Ann Norling design,with a few minor changes.

strawberry baby hat
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