Hindu baby girl names starting with s. Real virtual baby games. Baby shower invitations book theme.

Hindu Baby Girl Names Starting With S

hindu baby girl names starting with s
    baby girl
  • "Baby Girl" is the debut single of American country music group Sugarland. Released in July 2004, the single reached a peak position of #2 on the Billboard Hot Country Singles & Tracks (now Hot Country Songs) charts in April 2005.
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  • a native or inhabitant of Hindustan or India
  • a person who adheres to Hinduism
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Keith Kanga ..Atomic Forest My Childhood Friend Obituary
Keith Kanga ..Atomic Forest My Childhood Friend Obituary
178,482 items / 1,397,685 views Keith Kanga was rich far too rich.. they dont make Keith Kangas any more. And the Jehovah’s Witness destroyed him. His grandmother was fundamentalist Jheovahs Witness an obsessive one I do not wish to denigrate her Memory.. but she killed her only grandson… feeding him with hate for all religion all Gods but Jheovah.. I was the softest target a Muslim,a pagan a heretic in her eyes,as I loved Keith Kanga far too much, there was another problem. my dad Mohomed Shakir was a tailor master at New Lords so she called me a Darzi's son. I have never forgotten Granny she taught me to read the Bible and understand it too.. Keiths parents Gwendolyn Kanga died very soon after the death of her husband Dossabhai Kanga of cirrhosis , he was a a Parsi affluent industrialist who owned racing horses and the New Era Printing Press.. he left big time money.. his death was too much drinking, social drinking, I remember after his death Keki Uncle Rusi Uncle and all Keiths Parsi relations patronizing his mother.. his mother like a screen goddess far too beautiful in human words.. she tried to bring some order to her life she sent Keith to a boarding school in Darjeeling. I was far too young and that night she requested my mother to let me sleep in her huge bedroom.. she was another Mother gorgeous, American looking. I never got over that night when she wept and told me how she missed Baba that was Keiths pet name. a few weeks absence , she got him back and enrolled him at John Canon Cathedral School..Mr Gunnary was the principal than.. the other friend was Vimal Patacharige staying on the third floor of Khatau Mansions his family was from SRI Lanka , his father was a goldsmith at a workshop behind Taj Mahal Hotel belonging to Gazdar Jewellers also situated in the lobby of the Old Taj opposite Burlingtons of Mumbai..where I was too work for seven years..later..much later .. Keiths mom found her happiness cut short as she went through an unhappy affair with a Parsi Gentleman from Hampton Court who jilted her.. this did her in, she hit the bottle , like her husband succumbed to premature death cirrhosis of the Liver. There was much at stake untold fortunes and Keith the only Heir and Granny Keiths maternal grandmother fought a severe court battle and got the custody of Keith Kanga..as he would inherit all this at the age of 18 and she became his legal guardian she began selling all the heirlooms, statues of Gandhi as the Jehovah’s Witness don’t need these in their Paradise.. And Keith was hung up on Music being Richie Rich immense wealth Granny allowed him musical moments.. he had the latest equipment bought down from abroad , Keiths house was an haven for all up and coming musicians Phillip and Erwin Vaz, Neil Chattopadhya,Nandu Bhende.. Granny started letting out the rooms and this flat was huge..servants quarters, hall , dining, huge kitchen, palatial bedrooms, so Granny gave it out to Hanif Bhai who ran the Brothel near Radio Club called Paradise.. the parties early 60s ..I remember dancing in one with a ladies wig.. And the downward decline Keith got onto Drugs, he also played at the Three Coins at Puna.. The Band came to be known as Atomic Forest name given by Granny.. It was also for a short whie called the 100 Ton Chicken.. After I moved out of Khatau Mansions , shifted to 3 Mohini Mansions Strand Cinema I kept in touch with Keith and Granny .. Keith was moving around with Karen Lunell the Liril girl. Vimal had shifted to Sri Lanka, Rayomand Framroze my other friend in the Trinity had moved to Framroze Court Marine Drive.. Than one day my kingdom came crashing down I think it was 69 or 1970 I was to sit for my board Exam and Dad went berserk and sent my mom and the other kids to Lucknow , he had suffered a major loss and gave out the entire flat at Strand on rent.. and I did not want to go to Lucknow so Dad threw me out and I sought shelter with Keith Kanga and Granny and a fucked bitch of a dog called Fu Fu , my job was to take FuFu to shit and learn the Bible .. I had no options.. Shakil my kid brother stayed with Dad in a rented place at Mereweather road ,.. gave up studies to learn tailoring.. I was one fine day to be baptized so I was taken on a wet and windy day to Cuffe Parade for the day of my new life .. fat Granny pushed me into the waters.. as they began reading from the Bible it started to rain heavily and this is the Truth.. they aborted the Spiritual Enterprise. of converting me as a Jehovah’s Witness. .. for the next rainless day. I had my board Exams and Keith was financing me for my studies.. I thought I would become Jehovah’s Witness and revert after my Exams.. I was Agnostic those days.. had not become a Shia Pandit My Dad got wind of my Baptism that had failed, he came the next morning and asked me to forgive him, he had made mistakes I came back home that my dad had got back.. he gave me money to bring back the rest of my Family from Lu
Baby Girl
Baby Girl
So, I have to share this because everytime I work on her pictures I start crying. When she was 8 weeks old she was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma. She stopped breathing while Mom was driving and as Mom describes, "a good samaritan (her guardian angels we call them) stopped and "helped me to revive her and took us to the hospital from the side of the road. From there we took Teddy Bear air to Cooks. She stopped breathing again when we landed and was sent straight to ICU where she was diagnosed. She had major surgery the next day where they collapsed her lung and a tumor the size of a golf ball was removed from her airway. One month later, at her first post op scans, 3 more tumors had grown. Chemo started a few days later. She had 4 rounds and was given a clean bill of health right before Christmas. We had another round of scans in March and again they were clear." Right after this photo shoot (she is now 18 months old) she had a regular scan and the tumor has returned. Here's the latest from Mom: "(Baby Girl) had surgery to remove the tumor the day after Christmas and we got home last week from the hospital. They were able to remove the whole thing but unfortunately un-like the biopsy the rest of the tumor is not benign. We should find out Monday what the treatment plan will entail. We are very upset about the news because we had really got our hopes up that it was going to be benign. "(Baby Girl) is getting better every day but it is going to take a while. The surgery she had broke her sternum so she is in a fair amount of pain. She is also emotionally scared from the hospital experience-she is so much older this time around. We have had some family around to help us and they will continue to be here through January." Would you all please keep them in your prayers.

hindu baby girl names starting with s
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