Free Crochet Baby Bib Patterns

free crochet baby bib patterns
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free crochet baby bib patterns - Summer Infant
Summer Infant Bibbity, Green
Summer Infant Bibbity, Green
Summer Infant Bibbity - Green The perfectly-designed Bibbity@ is a rinse and roll bib with built-in scoop to catch your little hungry one's mess. The Bibbity@ is also fully adjustable for custom fit as baby grows, and it's made from soft, flexible material that is comfortable for baby. Rinse & roll bib with built-in scoop to catch the mess Fully adjustable for custom fit as baby grows Soft, flexible material is comfortable for baby Durable 100% waterproof material Made from TPE; a non-latex, non-PVC, non-phthalate, non-BPA material Easily rolls up for on-the-go

77% (19)
Owl Bib
Owl Bib
An Owl bib I made for my cousins baby shower. The pattern was free from
Crocheted Edging -
Crocheted Edging -
crocheted Edging for a towel - unfinished

free crochet baby bib patterns
free crochet baby bib patterns
BABYBJĂ–RN Soft Bib - Yellow
The Baby Bjorn Soft Bib has long set the standard for today's bibs. This fantastically soft modern bib literally takes everything your baby can dish out. The unique catch-all pocket keeps food off the floor, no matter how "active" your child is at meals. The Bib is easy to clean, just rinse and use again! The Baby Bjorn Soft Bib is perfectly formed to fit your child's shoulders and arms.

At mealtime, food doesn't just spill onto the bib--it falls onto the lap, the high chair, and other unexpected places. With its deep, wide front pocket, the BABYBJORN Soft Bib (Yellow) prevents some of these spills by catching stray food. Made of water-resistant, flexible material, this soft, comfortable bib keeps little ones cleaner and drier during meals and helps simplify clean-up.
Soft Bib

At a Glance:
Ages: Children 4 months and up
Warranty: 2-Year Express Warranty
Ideal for:
Who: Infants and toddlers
What: Helping babies eat solid foods with less mess
Where: At the table with adult supervision
Related Accessories:

Plate and Spoon

product shot

The bib has a front pocket to catch stray foods, preventing messes.

(Shown here in Blue.)
Smart Bib Combines Soft Material with Food-Catching Pocket
A bib that effectively catches food and resists liquids is one thing, but making sure it's soft enough to keep babies eating comfortably is another. The innovative Soft Bib manages to meet both needs.
This bib is made of safe, high-quality PVC-free BPA-free plastic that retains its shape while staying flexible enough for comfortable wear. A deep, wide front pocket catches food before it becomes a mess.
Improved Neck Design Fits a Range of Sizes
This bib's improved neck design accommodates a wider variety of body shapes, fitting necks of all shapes and sizes with equal comfort. A ring of soft beads around the inner collar ensures that your baby's skin isn't irritated, while a snap closure makes for a quick and convenient on/off routine.
Dishwasher-safe Material is Easy to Clean
Cleaning the Soft Bib is easy. Either rinse it with water in the sink and air dry, or place it in the top rack of the dishwasher, away from the heating device.
About BABYBJORN: Quality, Safety, and Style
A family owned company headquartered in Sweden, BABYBJORN has been producing innovative childcare products since 1961. Today, BABYBJORN works with an international network of pediatricians to develop products that reflect its core philosophy of quality, safety, and style.
BABYBJORN ensures the quality of each of its products--in terms of both durability and environmental impact--by scrupulously overseeing every stage of the design and manufacturing process. Safety is also guaranteed through rigorous screening by industrial designers, testing institutes, and medical experts. This exacting attention to detail has earned BABYBJORN international recognition for its success in creating products that balance usability with style.
What's in the Box

The bib has a front pocket to catch stray foods, preventing messes.

(Shown here in Red.)

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