Checklist for hospital bag when having a baby. Baby essentials gift set. Bye bye baby store locator.

Checklist For Hospital Bag When Having A Baby

checklist for hospital bag when having a baby
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Hospital visit
Hospital visit
The down side- Tomorrow I go into the hospital for surgery. They will take out a large part of my left lung because there is a lump. They say it is breast cancer. That would suck because it would mean that cancer is in my blood. The part of the process that will hurt the most is the breaking of the ribs. The up side- Morphine. St. John's hospital is awesome and all the rooms are private with ocean or mountain views. I love hospital food, I'm not being contrary or witty but I love any food on a tray. I want to tell the story of a hospital visit and I'm trying to figure out a look. I love that. This is not it. Maybe something retro post-card like. I'm not dead. Just gone for a while. Donald
Hospital bleed
Hospital bleed
i was in the hospital for a short stint and took these photos. the washcloth reads "helsevesen," which means health department. ricoh automatic focus point-and-shoot camera, 100 iso slide film.

checklist for hospital bag when having a baby
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