Google Reader

What is it? 
"Google Reader is a tool for gathering, reading, and sharing all the interesting blogs and websites you read on the web."

What is RSS?

Getting started (you may need to create a Google account)
Extensions and Apps

Or try specialized apps:

Ideas for Education / Relationship to Other Tools
Reader recently integrated with Google+, effectively disabling some of the simple sharing that educators and others previously valued. At this point it is primarily a device for discovery ... you may wish to use another tool such as diigo to share and discuss websites.

If Reader presents you with a website that appears to contain valuable information, you may wish to:
    • use Instapaper to make the site more readable or save it for future reading
    • save the site with diigo for future reference
    • clip portions or all of it to Evernote, and/or take notes about it in Evernote
Additional Ideas