Why should educators care about web 2.0 & the cloud?

  • mobility
  • authenticity
  • multiple devices
  • sharing & collaboration
  • low cost or free

So now, being "technologically fluent" includes:

  • selecting from a growing array of possible tools, and being comfortable with continually relearning technologies
  • managing multiple accounts
  • adding apps to devices and extensions to browsers
  • being aware of how to safely browse and intelligently use social networks
  • deciding when to use free versions of "freemium" tools, and when it's worth upgrading to a paid version
While being "information literate" includes:
  • being able to effectively scan, read, annotate, save, share, reuse, and integrate information from the web
  • carefully considering issues of information security and privacy
  • backing up information and preparing for device/tool failure/oblivion

The tools we are considering in this workshop will help you to:

  • Find important and relevant information
  • Read it when and where you are able, in a format of your choice
  • Take, organize, and share notes
  • Save, annotate, and share important websites
  • Store and share files "in the cloud"

The process for getting started with most of these tools includes: 

  • Create account
  • Download and install client application (if there is one)
  • Install browser extensions and/or bookmarklets (if there are any)
  • Install mobile (phone/tablet) applications (if there are any)
  • Start messing around, using the resources the service provides to guide you
  • Read up on examples of how others use the tools
  • Read up on tips & tricks
  • Think from the beginning, and refine as you go, your organizational structure (tags, folders, notebooks, etc.)
  • Be aware of integration with other tools
  • Think about potential security & privacy issues, as well as longevity/backup
  • Don't worry about using every last feature. Most people find these tools extremely useful even when just scratching the surface of possibility.
For today's workshop:
  • I will introduce tools and resources
  • You will have lots of time to explore what interests you most
  • Please feel free to work with others as you explore, as well as capturing thoughts and questions in the document linked at the bottom of the left navigation menu.