Michel's Commentary

Virtue of The Month: Study

By Michel Alonso

The meaning of Study means the pursuit of knowledge, by reading,
observation, or research. We usually study for tests we have to take.
Studying, to me, is reading and learning more about a lesson you
learned. An opposite of study is cramming. Cramming may still be
studying but it is also putting pressure on yourself to learn
something.  This leads to you not being able to learn anything at all because of
all the pressure you put on yourself. Cramming is also studying right when
you don’t have much time. Let me show you an example, David has a long
test in science on Thursday, he puts it off until 9:00 pm on Wednesday
to study. He is pressured and tired so he falls asleep. He goes to
school and fails the test because he didn’t study. This is an example
of laziness, cramming and procrastination. Having all these bad habits
will usually cause you to get a low grade in a test.

Everyone has to study. Even my dad, who is a pilot, has to study for
tests and flight simulators. We all know the dangers of not studying.
If you don’t study, you fail, you fail, you can’t go to college, can’t go
to college, you can’t have a decent job and so on. Now you know what
will happen if you don’t study. You should also have a good, quiet
place to study. Maybe a quiet room with a study desk would do the trick.

To make sure this doesn’t happen, we are encouraged to have a study
schedule. I prefer studying at around 3:30 pm so I still have time to
sleep at around 4:30 and have dinner at around 6:30 but that’s just me.
If you think it’s a good schedule, go ahead and use it too. I didn’t
copyright it or anything. It’s also good that you keep a positive view
while studying. Believe that you can study for your test and get a
perfect. There is such thing as “Power of the Word”. It is when you say
something it might really happen. If you say you’ll get a high score in
a test, you just might. But if you don’t believe in yourself, you could
fail. I hope this commentary can help people learn to study well. I
hope that my commentary can show people a good example prior to the virtue
of study.

Motto: ‘Study for success’