Homework and Assignments


This is where you will find the assignments and homework for the day. Please check it out by 4 p.m.

February 12, Tuesday

Reading: HW due tomorrow - Journal

Filipino: Quiz tomorrow on Panuring Kapwa

Math: Finish the worksheet at home; bring rubics cube (optional)

Civics: Finish timeline of American Law 

January 28, Monday

Science: Bring graphing paper for activity


Ali - January 27 

Tristan - January 28

Javier - January 29

December 6, Thursday

GALA ATTIRE tomorrow for our First Friday Mass! 

December 4, Tuesday

Congratulations for hitting 80% Attendance in the PQF

Truly Best Bets 

December 3: PQF Tomorrow! Let's go for 100% 

November 14, Wednesday

Reading: Start reading "Number the Stars" (Next meeting, Chapters 1 to 2 discussion). Graded recitation next meeting. Be ready to recite "Invictus".

Follow up on the Reply Slips for MADZ Concert and Fathers Day Reigstration.

November 9, Friday

Religion: Bring 5 Letters to the Editor cut-outs

Civics: Read pp 100-107; Answer pp. 100, 102 and 107

November 6, Tuesday

ICT: email to bong@southridge.edu.ph if you are not done yet with the PT.

Civics: Read pp 96 to 99 

November 5, Monday

Religion: Type on a sheet of bond paper the Prayer you wrote for the Eucharist in the Quarterly Exam (returned today). You may also email it to mannrentoyy@yahoo.com

Math: finish PT

Reading: Journal HW due next meeting (Wednesday)

1) write about your ambitions in life: including why and how you are going to achieve it

2) Write about how you spent your sembreak. Include meaningful things you have learned.

October 22, Monday

Math: LT tomorrow. Review to get an S!

Language Arts: LT tomorrow on simple perfect and progressive tenses

Science: finish journal at home. Submit tomorrow. 

October 15, Monday

Math: Bring short brown envelope tomorrow. 

October 4, Thursday

Religion: Read pp 102 and 104; Answer p 103 

October 2, Tuesday

Science: Bring on Thursday Glue, Scissors, Masking Tape, Construction Paper (10 pcs.)

Math: LT tomorrow: simplest form, relating decimals, fractions, percents, adding and subtracting fractions with LIKE denominators, Word Problems

Scie: LT tomorrow on Plants Diversity, Plants with seeds, Plants without seeds, Flowers, Plant Adaptations and Stimulus

Civics: LT tomorrow on Magellan's Expedition, Expeditions after Magellan; Initial contact between Spaniards and Phil Malays; Colonization of the Philippines; Spanish colonial policies in the Philippines

September 28, Friday

Civics: LT on Tuesday. Coverage: Magellan's Expedition; Expeditions after Magellan; Initial contact between Spaniards and Phil. Malays; Colonization of the Phil.; Timeline of the conquest of the Phil.; Spanish colonial policies in the Phil.

Science: LT on Wednesday. Coverage: Plant Diversity (all lectures): 1) Plants without seeds; 2) Plants with seeds; 3) Flowers and seeds; 4) Plant responses and adaptations 

September 27, Thursday

Science: Quiz on Monday on Plant Adaptations

Filipino: Summative Test tomorrow on  Kaganapan, Tagaganap, Layon at Tagapakinabang

Religion: Reminder - bring materials for the PT (illustration board, coloring materials, cut-outs) on Moses & Ninoy

Reading: Bring construction paper tomorrow

September 26, Wednesday

Language Arts: 3 quizzes tomorrow : 1 on verb phrases; 1 on OOs and 1 on Transitive & Intransitive  verbs

Civics: Quiz tomorrow on initial contact with the Spaniards and the Philippine Malays

September 25, Tuesday

Science: Bring tomorrow(by group): 1) 4 seeds (mongo or beans) in water overnight 2) tissue paper 3) masking tape

Math: Submit HW tomorrow

Civics: LT on Tuesday

Religion: LT on Thursday

September 14, Friday

Filipino: Bring dictionary on Monday 

September 13, Thursday

Science: do "imprint"  at home, about leaves: 3 short bond papers and 3 leaves of different types

September 12, Wednesday


Bring the following: 1. three different kinds of leaves; 2. crayon or pastel; 3. three short bond papers

August 31, Friday

Filipino: Magdala ng isang bagay na magpapakita ng kultura ng ating bansa. 

August 14, Tuesday

Language Arts: LT on Thursday/Quiz on Wednesday

August 10, Friday

Math: Long Test on Tuesday. Coverage: divisibility, PEMDAS, GCF & LCM; Prima Factorization; Prime & Composite. Finish answering seatwork at home. Submit on Monday.

Reading: LT moved to Monday

Religion: LT about Chapters 4 to 5 on Monday

Language Arts: Answer reviewers 

August 6, Monday

Religion: Read pp 72-81. Quiz on Thursday 

August 3, Friday

Civics: Long Test on August 9, Thursday. Coverage: Barangay, Islam and Sultanate. 

August 2, Thursday

Religion: Do homework; bring pictures of Creation; bring 5 construction papers

Filipino: Bring your own dictionary: Fil-Eng

August 1, Wednesday


Reading: Read Chapters 4 to 9, quiz on this next meeting. Graded recitation also next meeting.

Math: bring 1/4 illustration board tomorrow.

July 31, Tuesday

Civics: Answer p. 39 of the book; bring cartolina tomorrow (any color except black); Quiz tomorrow on BARANGAY; Read about Islam's Sultanate

July 30, Monday

Computer: Quiz tomorrow

Religion: Continue answering pp. 60 - 62 at home

Art: Make 3 collage emblems that symbolize Southridge. Due next Monday

July 23, Friday

Lang. Arts: LT tomorrow

Math: LT tomorrow

Civics: LT moved to Wednesday

Science: Journal Homework

Art: Due on Monday--cut-out homework 

July 19, Thursday

Science: Long Test tomorrow

Language Arts: Answer pp 74 to 75

Filipino: Read pp 293 to 294

July 18, Wednesday

Civics: Quiz tomorrow about social conditions of early Philippine Malay Society

Language Arts: Long Test next week Coverage: sentences--compound sentences, compound predicates, compound subjects, complex sentences and simple sentences

July 17, Tuesday

Science: Long Test on Friday

Language Arts: Do a mindmap of a courageous event. Based on your mindmap, do a 10-sentence essay. Size 1. Containing 4 Simple Sentences; 3 Compound subjects; 3 Compound Predicates.

July 12, Thursday/Friday

Filipino: prepare for Quiz: straktura ng pangungusap

Religion: Finish handout given and chapter 2 of the book

Science: Finish homework due abot Alice Eastwood

July 10, Tuesday

Math: Finish answering the Seatwork

Language Arts: Answer p. 47, nos. 9 - 20

July 9, Monday

We missed Paolo Jacob today! Get well soon!

Religion: do the handout exercise at home, "The World Created". Due on Thursday.

Filipino: Answer textbook exercise pp 211 to 212.

July 6, Friday

Filipino: Quiz on Monday. Review given translation from Ang sisiw at ang lawin.

Reading: Journal #4: Write about an experience in World War II involving the Philippines, based on your parents, relatives or grandparents' accounts.

July 4, Wednesday

Filipino: Payabungin natin - A-B

Sagutin natin A- only (pp 205 -207)

Language Arts: Write S events which you thought courageous (imaginary events!)

July 3, Tuesday

Math: Finish answering p 153 of Math Book

Language Arts: Answer page 45 nos. 13 to 28

June 25, Monday

Happy Birthday, Jaime!!!

Computer: Submit research on History of Computers.

No need to wear gala tomorrow.

Mr. & Mrs. Calabig: From the 5B Best Bets Class: THANK YOU VERY, VERY MUCH FOR GIVING US A GREAT CLASS PARTY TODAY! We had a grand time!

June 22, Friday

Reading: Submit Journal 1 - 3, Size 1 with 5 vocabs; Size 1 with 10 vocabs for next meeting

Religion: bring on Monday: short folder; 2 pcs. construction papers; family picture; glue and coloring materials

Bring flowers on Monday for the Corpus Christi carpet. 

June 20, Wednesday

People we missed today: Tony Bautista


Please do not forget: deadline of submission for the first VOM Commentary is on Monday, June 25.

Please get ready with lots of flower petals for our Corpus Christi Procession Carpet. Bring them on Monday. Decorating time is from 1p.m. to 3p.m.

Corpus Christi Procession is at 8 a.m. Our Special Mass in honoe of St. Josemaria is at 11 a.m.


June 19, Tuesday

Filipino: Malayang pag-guhit ng larawan batay sa kwento - dalhin sa Lunes (June 25)

1 short Clearbookblack cover)

VOM COMMENTARIES: 1st Set due on Monday, June 25

June 18, Monday

SCIENCE: homework - define the following

(1) Physical Science: a) Physics, b) Chemistry, c) Astronomy

(2) Earth Science: a) Geology, b) Oceanology, c) Paleontology, d) Meteorology

(3) Life Science: a) Botany, b) Zoology, c) Genetics, d) Medicine

GO TO www.factmonster.com for help

Bring tomorrow: 2 construction papers (any color); scissors; coloring materials


1) Journal entry # 1: write about an incident in your life where you displayed an example of courage. Describe it in details including what you had to overcome.

2) Recitation: be ready next meeting to tell Mr. Alomarde your favorite book and two reasons why it is your favorite

3) Using your dictionary, find the meaning of the following:

a) hatchet, b) tundra, c) marsh, d) wilderness, e) hemp


ICT: Ask your parents how to send a message with the pager. Write in 1/2 crosswise

ART: Bring rug or tissue roll and apron (buy apron from bookstore)

June 14, Thursday

Regular classes start tomorrow. Please bring all your books and materials/notebooks for Filipino, Civics, Reading, Religion, Math, Science and P.E.


June 15, Friday

Filipino: Please bring on Monday:

2 Oslo Papers, Coloring materials (pastels or crayons), scissors, marker or pencil

For those going to Enchanted Kingdom tomorrow: please bring P500 for Entrance Ticket and around P200 for McDo lunch and other snacks you will buy; bring an extra shirt and shorts, and drinking water. Assembly time in Southridge lobby is 10:30 a.m. We will leave EK at 6 p.m. to be able to get back to Southridge before 7p.m.