Gio G's Commentary

Virtue of the Month: Honesty


Honesty is being truthful and sincere. Honesty should be practiced all the time because if you keep on telling lies, nobody will know if you are telling the truth or not. If you tell a lie, you are disobeying one of the Ten Commandments, the eighth commandment. Doing a mortal sin is one thing you don’t want to do because you are turning into an enemy of God. You should be sure you are telling the truth or else you will face the consequences.

            The story which every body knows is The Boy Who Cried Wolf. The boy was surely untruthful because he was crying for help even though he didn’t need any, his consequence was that he was really attacked by wolves and nobody helps him because the townspeople thought that he was lying again but he was not.  You should always tell the truth because you can get awards for it. Like one story in the news paper last month that there was a wallet that he found in his taxi and then he gave it to the owner and he was awarded since he gave it back. Many people can learn from this virtue, this will also help other people in our daily lives, even though if we don’t know it, we are helping other people also.


One way to practice this virtue in the classroom by not cheating. If you were caught cheating, you will be punished like being detained or worse if the test is really important. If there is something broken, like a window and you know you broke it, you should tell the truth even though you think you will get punished. If the teacher tells you to not do something like don’t make noise, and you whisper with your classmates, and then he ask you who made noise, you should tell the truth because he is practicing us to be honest in our future lives because maybe there is something in your job you need to be absolute silent, you should be silent or else something will happen. We should really practice the virtue of Honesty or else something will keep following you around to tell the truth but you don’t want to.  Do not do what the devil wants because it will turn you away from God, remember that and you will be safe.


Motto:” Honesty shall set you free. “


Gabriel J. Goseco

Grade 5-B

June 25, 2006