Dates to Remember
Please put in your Calendar the following important dates:

June 20, Wednesday: First Student Assembly: Gala Attire

June 25, Monday: Preparations for Corpus Christi Procession

June 26, Tuesday: Corpus Christi Procession (8 to 9 a.m.); Feast of St. Josemaria

June 29, Friday: FDS Half Day

July 4, Wednesday: Intermediate School Student Assembly

July 5, Thursday: Intermediate School Recognition Day

July 6, Friday: First Friday Mass & Vigil

July 13, Friday: FDS Half-Day

July 27, Friday: FDS Half-Day

August 1, Wednesday: Intermediate School Student Assembly

August 3, Friday: First Friday Mass & Vigil

August 10, Friday: FDS Half-Day

August 15 to 17, Wednesday to Friday: First Quarterly Exams

September 19 to 21, Wednesday to Friday: Grade 5 Student Seminar

October 24 to 26, Wednesday to Friday: Second Quarterly Exams

October 27 to November 4: Semestral Break

November 5, Monday: Start of Third Quarter

December 19, Wednesday: Schoolwide Christmas Party

December 20 to January 2: Christmas Break

January 3, Thursday: Classes resume

January 16 to 18, Wednesday to Friday: Third Quarterly Exams

February 2, Saturday: Fathers' Day 2008

February 4, Monday: Free-day

March 14 (Friday), 17 (Monday) & 18 (Tuesday): FINAL EXAMS

March 19, Wednesday: Foundation Day, Feast of St. Joseph