VOM for October is Order

Here is Paolo D's commentary:



            This virtue is about not being messy and putting things back where they belong, and not losing one’s things, especially those that are valuable.


            I have a story about order:


            One day, a disorderly boy, after playing with his toys just left them on the floor. The next day, he again played with his toys and still did not return them to their proper place afterwards. Everyday, he did this. Until one day, his room was so messy that he could not walk on the floor anymore. When he looked for his favorite toy, he could not find it. So he started being orderly. He put everything back in its place. He was able to find his toy. From that day on, he was always orderly.


            We can live this virtue by cleaning dirty place, putting things where they belong. There are a lot more things we can do to be orderly. We should start today.




Motto: Orderliness is next to godliness.





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July 9, 2006