Ben F's Commentary

Virtue of the Month: Order


            Order is an important virtue. It is a condition where everything is in its proper place and everything is working properly. Order is like a straight row. It is a state of peace. It is a definite plan.


            Before, I always had a hard time finding things in my room. And then, my Uncle told me that it is because I did not clean my room. I always left it in a mess and never returned things in their proper place. So, I decided to clean it. Eventually, I did not find it hard anymore to look for things. I found my missing stuff more easily. Order is important. Cleaning your room and making it orderly is a virtuous thing to do.


            The virtue of order must be kept in mind at all times. I cannot do it today and then just forget it tomorrow. It has to be a constant concern. I must keep order in my room and also keep order in other places in our house. For example, when I eat, I will not make a mess in the dining table. When I play in the yard, I must throw garbage in the trash can. When we do this, the world will be a much, much better place to live in.



Motto: Order: To Be the Best!

Benito Francisco

5B Best Bets

June 28, 2006