5B Best Bets Students do their best in their studies!!!

October 5 (Monday)

Computer: Please bring diskettes on Monday

Science: submission of typewritten report is tomorrow, October 6

Oral Reporting will resume tomorrow

Experiment on Monday: please bring materials

September 27 (Wednesday)

Science: Reporting for tomorrow. Experiment on Friday. Quiz next week.

Religion: Read and copy page 40-41

Reading:  Get and read "Treasure Island" by Robert Louis Stevenson

Language Arts: Study for the UT

Filipino: Bring two short bond papers, ruler, coloring materials tomorrow.

September 26 (Tuesday)

Math: Answer page 153, nos. 7 to 16 (Copy & Answer)

Language Arts: Study for the UT tomorrow

Social Studies: Study for the UT tomorrow

Science: Finish the project at home

Birthday gift for DANE: go to, search for "smosh brothers". Then, look for "Pokemon Theme song".

September 25 (Monday)

Science: Research on your report. Bring materials for your visual aids. 

Bring the following on Thursday: 3 earth worms (bulate); 1 plastic jar; dark paper; 1 tablespoon corn meal; tablespoon. Note: these materials should be brought per group.

Social Studies: UT on Wednesday about Sultanate Government; Islam (Gio's note: Catholic is the Best!!!); Spanish Expedition. Study for a review UT tomorrow.

Computer: Bring a diskette tomorrow.

P.E.: Watch soccer clips


September 22 (Friday)

Science: Try to bring 4 sow bugs on Monday

Social Studies: Long Test on Wednesday, Sept. 27: Islam; Spanish Expeditions; Sultanate Government; Spanish Colonization

Religion: Finish your story of "Creation". Due on Monday. Think creatively!

Math: Bring the following on Monday: 1) clear folder, short (not A4 size, but 8 1/2 x 11); 2) 5 pieces of short bond paper; 3) coloring materials

September 21 (Thursday)

Science: Quiz tomorrow about vertebrates and invertebrates

Language Arts: Answer or continue the SW at home. Due next meeting (Tuesday)

Filipino: Quiz tomorrow - Pangukol; Kaganapan ng Tagaganap

Reading: Study for the UT tomorrow: Story; Vocabulary

September 13 (Wednesday)

Science: continue the project at home. It will be done in school tomorrow. Deadline is on Friday. Study for the Long Test on Friday.

Math: bring detective stuff tomorrow. Bring your best costume to get plus points. 

Religion: Study for the Friday Long Test (Chapter 1) Don't forget to bring your Bible.

Filipino: Study for a quiz tomorrow about Subject and Predicate.

Language Arts: Long Test next meeting (3rd meeting) about pronouns.

Reading: Bring 2 Bond Papers, construction paper, colored paper or art paper. Bring pencil and colors.

RETURN ALL REPLY SLIPS: Confirmation Payment, 2nd Quarter Card Reply Slip, Annual Report Slip 

-----thanks Gio----- 

September 12 (Tuesday)

Science: Please bring the following materials tomorrow: * construction papers (different colors); * coloring materials; * scissors; * ruler; * writing matierls like junior Pentel Pen; * no need to bring cartolina

Math: bring Detective stuff tomorrow (hats, shades, etc.)

Language Arts: finish the activity at home

Religion: please prepare to get an S in the Long Test on Friday (Chapter 1 Test)

September 11 (Monday)

Science: take note of the following dates

* tomorrow, Tuesday: Quiz about Plant responses and adaptation (pages A80 -A85)

* Friday, Sept. 15: long test on pages A58 to A85 (plant responses and adaptations, flowers and seeds, & plants with seeds)

* answer the work sheet given

Religion: Long Test on Friday: Chapter 1 of the Textbook; make sure you have your Bible with you during the exam (Old and New Testament)

Math: UT moved (sometime this week)

Filipino: Quiz tomorrow on: "Alamat ng Unang Saging" and Talasalitaan

September 8 (Friday)

Social Studies: Quiz next meeting about Islam and the Sultanate. Research on the information required for the seat work. 

September 7 (Thursday)

Science: Attach your two size 1 papers to your experiment sheets. Bring them tomorrow.

Math: Study for the UT on Tuesday.

Filipino: Bring coloring materials and a pencil tomorrow.

September 6 (Wednesday)

Language Arts: Quiz next meeting about--a) Pronouns; b) Antecedents; c) Subject Pronoun; d) Object Pronoun

Reading: Finish the rest of the story. Prepare for a Quiz tomorrow

Social Studies: Quiz next meeting about Islam/Sultanate

September 5 (Tuesday)

Science: Bring the following tomorrow a) Petri Dish (plastic) or plasti c cup; b) 2 paper towels; c) 1 tape; d) 1 marker-black; e) 4 beans -- monggo -- soaked in water overnight

Language Arts: Answer the worksheets given

Social Studies: Answer the following in your notebook (pages 48 to 50 of the Book)

a) determine the people in a Sultanate

b) make a chart about their factions 

September 4 (Monday)

Science: Study the parts of a flower, fertilization and pollination. pages A70 to A73

Please don't forget to wear gala tomorrow!!!

Joke of the week (from Gio): There is a group of poor children playing action figures every after school. One brought G.I. Joe and the other one brought Spiderman. One boy brought a Santo Nino. He said that Santo Nino was a superhero because he had a cape. On one hand, he said, he had a hand grenade, and on the other hand, he showed that he knew kung fu. And with his super powers, he can saev people from sins!

August 31 (Thursday)

Language Arts:

1. Write 10 sentences that contain a pronoun and its antecedent. Encircle the pronoun; underline the antecedent.

2. Write 10 sentences with nouns. Beside it, write the same sentence substituting the nouns with pronouns.

3. Quiz on this next meeting: pronouns and antecedents

Reading: Quiz next meeting about vocabulary and details about the story. Bring DEAR books for next meeting.

August 30 (Wednesday)

Science: bring the following items tomorrow: 1) 3 different flowers; 2) forcep or cutter; 3) scotch tape; 4) a pair of scissors

Reading: Find the meaning of the following words; write down the answers on your journal notebook: 1) hides (n); 2) cheap (adj); 3) heft (v); 4) routine (n); 5) urgency (n); 6) wares (n); 7) determination (n); 8) kennels (n); 9) depot

Filipino: finish your journal entry

Social Studies: Answer the following in your journal

1) What did we learn about Islam?

2) Why do people have a negative image of Islam?

3) What can we do to change the perception of people about Islam?

Gio, Thanks very much!!!



August 29 (Tuesday)

Science: Quiz tomorrow about plants with seeds

Art: Print a non-objective art work. Put the name of the art work and the artist. Give space for the art work (1/2 of the paper). Write a short commentary about the art work (Principles of art, etc.)

--------thanks to  Gio---------- 

August 28 (Monday)

Religion: Answer page 19 of your textbook using a Bible. Bring a Bible on Wednesday.

Social Studies: read pages 54 to 61

Math: Answer page 114; nos. 11 to 25, CAA

Filipino: bring an object that shows what kind of person you are

For those joining the Tagaytay Leadership Seminar this Friday-Saturday: please bring blanket, clothes for two days, sports attire, notebook and pen. You may bring cellphone.... at your own risk. The organizers are in no way responsible for any loss of valuables on those days.

JOKE OF THE WEEK: from Gio and Faisal

For single and lonely people (especially Mr. Rentoy....although he's not lonely)

Person 1: You know what, you're like a cigarette.

Person 2: Why?

Person 1: Because you're my Champion....and you give me Hope and More!


August 25 (Friday)

Science: Answer the worksheet

Religion: Read the New Testament; familiarize yourself with the different books of the New Testament

Math: Quiz on Monday about adding fractions with unlike denominators. Have QE signed (if not signed yet).

Social Studies: Finish Performance task at home (Due on Monday)

August 24 (Thursday)

Math: have quarterly exam signed by your parents at the bottom right side of the paper

Science: Bring 1 leaf each of 3 different kinds of plants with seeds. Bring crayons and 2 bond papers

Language Arts/Reading: Bring materials for PT tomorrow

     (optional) * Printed pictures - scrap book; * coloring pens; * ruler;  * scissors; * construction paper; * glue; * string; * stapler; * tape

Today's jokes:

Bakit paborito ni Faisal ang ube ice cream? Kasi si Faisal ay ubey ng ubey.

Bakit naman paborito ni Gio ang mocha ice cream? Kasi si Gio ay mochang artista.

August 14 (Monday)

Science: Bring coloring materials to finish the Performance Task tomorrow

Religion: finish your spectacular Performance Task in Religion: submission on Friday. Got to be beautiful, creative, impressive, wonderful, BEST!

August 11 (Friday)

Social Studies: study for quiz on Monday

Math: bring the following materials on Monday: 1/4 illustration board, clay (at least 3 colors), ruler, pentel pen 

August 10 (Thursday)

Science: bring a folder and a fastener or slide tomorrow.

Filipino: Study for the Unit Test tomorrow

Language Arts: Study for the Unit Tets tomorrow

Social Studies: Study for quizzes on tomorrow, Monday and Tuesday.

Iggi and Sean: Please bring a 1/4 illustration board and coloring materials for your prize-winning drawings tomorrow: Christmas Card design contest. The whole 5B is right behind you!!! Good luck!


Social Studies: 1. Early Filipino dwellings; 2. Early Filipino Religion and beliefs; 3. Early Filipino culture and tradition

Filipino: 1. Fokus ng Tagaganap 2. Fokus ng layon 3. Fokus ng lokatibo 4. Ang kwento :"Bakit Yumuyuko ang Kawayan"

August 9 (Wednesday)

Science: Bring a hand lens and small plant with roots. Bring also the other materials.

Math: Study for the Long Test tomorrow.

Filipino: Make 10 sentences with Fokus sa Lokatibo. Underline the FOKUS. Write it in a size 1 paper.

Social Studies: Study for a quiz on Monday, and Friday and Tuesday. Early Filipino a) dwellings; b) Religion; and c) Culture and Traditions

(Thanks, Gio!....and yes, I promise to watch the video tonight.)

August 8 (Tuesday)

Science: Study for the Long Test tomorrow. Bring the following on Thursday and Friday (short bond papers--10 pcs.; coloring materials; pencil; ruler; cutter; scissors; ballpen)

Language Arts: Finish the activity at home (due next meeting)

P.E.: In a half sheet pad paper -- 1. explain Eurythmics; 2. Can Eurythmics help improve P.E. classes?

(Thanks, Gio!) 


August 7 (Monday) 

Science Quiz tomorrow: about moss and fern

Filipino: Study for the Long Test on Friday (1. Ang Kwento: Bakit Yumuyuko ang Kawayan--detalye ng kwento; talasalitaan; 2. Ang fokus ng Layon at Lokatiba--pahina 181) Study for a quiz on Lokatibo

(Thanks to Gio G for the details...) 


5B Best Bets Classroom is probably one of the best classrooms in Southridge now. Please help us keep it up. Donations in cash or in kind are very much welcome. (We can have good use for those old, unused lamps, side tables, framed photos or paintings, etc. you might have in your bodega.) Thank you!


 August: 4 (Friday)


     * Long Test on August 10 (Coverage:  1. Photosynthesis and Respiration  2. Importance of Plants --changing of colors of a leaf; plant parts that we eat--   3. Seedless vascular plants

     * August 11 to 12 - Performance Tasks in Science

     * August 11 - submission of Homework/Assignments


Language Arts: Please bring the following next meeting

     1. Construction Paper (light colored)

     2. Scissors

     3. Coloring materials

Science: Answer the questions in your notebook in a size 1 pad paper (due Aug. 11)

Religion: Please study for the Long Test on Monday. GET AN S!!! Coverage: Confirmation; 7 Gifts of the Holy Spirit; 12 Fruits of the Holy Spirit

Religion: you may start working on your performance task with your partner: Folio of the 7 Gifts and 12 Fruits (cut-out, poem, original poems deserve higher grade, short story, photo, picture, etc. depicting each of the Gifts and Fruits)


whew!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Quite a long weekend for you, guys! Let's start studying hard for the coming Quarterly Tests. Zero-failing!!!

AUGUST 3 (Thursday)

Language Arts: Unit Test next week (3rd meeting) in Language Arts

     * common and proper nouns; types (persons, things, places, ideas)

     * possessive nouns/singular and plural)

Answer the worksheets

Reading: quiz tomorrow about elements of a story

Filipino: bring glue and scissors

Religion: as a reward for the 100% PQF attendance, Unit test is moved to Monday next week

First Friday Mass tomorrow: GALA ATTIRE please!!!

McDonald's Lunch tomorrow----- bring mo0ney for your order



AUGUST 1 (Tuesday)

- study for Science quiz tomorrow on Photosynthesis and Respiration

-Filipino quiz tom about the story: Bakit Yumuyuko ang Kawayan and the vocabs

- finish worksheets in Language Arts

(Thanks to Alfonso and Michel for details. Thanks to Gio for info.)


July 31 (Monday)

Science - bring materials tomorrow

Follow up reply slips for the Wednesday PQF

July 28 (Friday)

* Language Arts - In size 1 paper, divide your paper into 4 and label each column: person, place, thing and idea. Give 30 examples for each.

* Finish Journal entry

* Science - bring the materials for the activity on Monday and Tuesday

* Religion - start studying for Religion Long Test scheduled for August 4 (Friday)