Alfonso's Commentary

Virtue of the Month: Respect

            Respect is to show consideration to others. It is wrong to be rude to people. It is wrong to shout at your elders. It is wrong to disobey your parents. It is also wrong if you don’t listen while someone is reciting or when the teacher is talking.


            If you respect others, you would be respected back. But if you don’t, respect others, people won’t respect you. I’m telling you that being respected is a way better than not being respected.


            It is important to live the virtue because without it, you would have a hard time living. Because you’re not respecting them, they won’t respect you. And sometimes, disrespecting people can lead to sin. The one thing you should never do is disrespecting God. If anyone disrespects, God tell him not to.


            People respect God by genuflecting to the tabernacle. I see many people do that in the churches and in chapels. People also genuflect at the shrines. My classmates respect our teachers by listening to them. Well, not really all.. Respect is also saying “po” or “opo” to your grandparents and your  relatives.


            I recommend you guys to always listen to the teacher and the students who are reciting in class not only because to respect them, but also to learn. I also recommend people to say “opo” or “po” to your elders as a sign of respect and so you’ll be a good example to people. I also recommend you guys to always obey your parents and elderly except strangers. Because they know what is good for you.


Motto for the Week: Respect to get respected

 Alfonso Opulencia


June 25, 2006