Welcome to the Company Section!
Who is it for?

This is for Lads aged between 11 and 15 

When do we meet?

We meet every Wednesday School night from 7:15 but you can come 10-15 minutes before to catch up with your mates.

What do we learn about?

Discover is about more than gaining badges and provides you with the means to plan a whole programmed whether or not your young people decide to try to gain an award. It's divided into three programmed zones (each sub-divided into various topics) and a balanced programmed draws content from each. Zones are the basic structure of the Discover programmed and help group topics together, as well as provide variety in the programmed.

The Main zones are listed below:


This zone gives opportunity to learn about and make a difference to the world around us.


This zone gives opportunity to be adventurous and develop confidence through an active and healthy lifestyle.


This zone gives opportunity to learn new skills and display creativity.

There are two further zones entitled Faith and Extras. These complement the three programmed zones and provide additional materials for devotions and lots more. 


Images coming soon!!