Welcome to the Anchors Page!!

Who is it for?

Boys aged between 5 and 8

What time is it?

Every Wednesday evening between 18:15-19:15 

What's a typical night like?

Anchor Boys have lots of fun doing different activities which include craft, music, games, sports, stories, going on visits, making friends, and working towards their badges.

All of this is done as part of a balanced programme that is separated into 5 different zones . . .

  • Body- fit for fun
  • Mind - think and do
  • Spirit - God and me
  • Community - me and my world
  • Creativity - make and do

So why should I Join? 

At this age its all about learning whilst having fun. Its so important that lads this age have friends outside of school and Anchor Boys is a great place to find them. 

All having fun in lesson playing games and making friends. Team work is so important!!

Even the older lads join in on the fun :) "he thinks he is a good goal keeper, he says he lets them win"