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Welcome to the the Recycling Project

At 59th Birmingham BB

The Boys’ Brigade and Girls’ Association in Birmingham are a movement with a mission to give every child and young person an opportunity to develop a personal faith in Jesus Christ.

Engaging with children and young people, building up relationships with our members and providing a Christian environment in which we can deliver our four fully resourced programmes all costs money.

Funders are withdrawing grants as financial restraints take their toll; however we are determined to create more opportunities for young people, including creating jobs for some of the 25% of 18-25 year olds that are currently unemployed in our city.

In 2009 we opened our Anchor Charity Shop in Central Shopping Square, off Erdington High Street. Initially this was mainly a bookshop run by a team of volunteers. After 12 months we had made a good contribution to our costs and have been able to take on a permanent lease for the shop, offer employment opportunities through the Future Jobs Fund and begin selling clothing.

And that’s not all! The good news is that recycling not only creates jobs here but in Africa too. It pays a wholesaler who employs market stall holders, ironing assistants, a tailor to make alterations and drivers to deliver around the villages.

Our social enterprise aims to create opportunities and jobs for young people in Birmingham and contribute to developing jobs in the Third World. It also means that we can support our programme of core activities for the young people in our Companies. But we need your help!

We are encouraging everyone to fill a black bag with their unwanted or ‘pre-loved’ clothes and we will come and pick up all the filled bags at an arranged time - your items can build a new life for young people – that’s why it’s so important to recycle.

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