Electric Screwdriver Set

electric screwdriver set
    electric screwdriver
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Classic Doctor Who Toys
Classic Doctor Who Toys
Here we have a set of some of the first true "action figures" for Doctor Who made by Dapol, A British based company famous for making electric train sets. While often not the most accurate figures and certainly not the most consistent, they did have a certain quaint charm to them that still drives an after market demand for them even to this day, nearly ten years after the toy lines demise. I promise I will take some pictures of my collection as i have it, though I am short one White and Gold Imperial Dalek in my collection and I still want to add another few Cybermen as well, but I wanted to have this be the introduction.
My pokemas present!
My pokemas present!
Mouse over to see the more esoteric items. Trend Snappy bits, mmmmmm. I found out finally what they all do - thanks Dad. Note the first aid kit lurking just out of shot.

electric screwdriver set
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