National Tire Discount

national tire discount
  • limited to or in the interests of a particular nation; "national interests"; "isolationism is a strictly national policy"
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  • hoop that covers a wheel; "automobile tires are usually made of rubber and filled with compressed air"

Fair Weather Lake Jocassee
Fair Weather Lake Jocassee
Lake Jocassee (Jumping Off Rock Overlook) Pickens County, South Carolina Accessed via Horsepasture Road (gravel) from SC-178 Jumping Off Rock remains a favorite destination for me; and more so because of the journey up the mountain than the overlook itself! When I was a kid, my older sister got her driver's license three years before me. I grew up in a Fairfax County, Virginia suburb about fifteen miles outside of Washington D.C., and at that time neighboring Loudoun County to the west still represented the frontier of the development push (think fields, farms, greenery, rural). My sister got a used red mustang convertible for her first ride; dreadfully underpowered and the LX version of the more popular 5.0's of the day. There was an undeveloped lake that we would go to as kids to enjoy a hot summer day--and a back route that had a short dirt road (less than a mile). For a boy that lived in an asphalt jungle and a suburban subdivision that was larger itself than most of the towns that I've lived in since, riding in her convertible with the top down on that dirt road, a big dust trail following us, music and the crunch of the tires on the washboard was just about as sweet as it could get for me; freedom in action ;-) When it came time for college, most all of my friends opted to go north, chasing culture and name recognition and other things I don't mean to discount one bit. For me, it was the opposite; time to find national forests, waterfalls and dirt roads! Everytime I ride up to Jumping Off Rock in my truck I roll those windows down and for the ten miles or so of switchback rip rap gravel roads I get that same feeling of freedom. For that hour or so gas mileage and career paths and the "what have you done with your life lately's" disappear and I'm just a boy again doing what I dreamed of doing many years back.
SUI and Enrickoan...just 2 Bookworms
SUI and Enrickoan...just 2 Bookworms
Another great noon and evening spent with sui ling.. We met at Bras Basah and decided to shop at second hand bookshop at bras basah and Yeap…I ended up bought 6 National Geographic Magazines dated 1989-1999(each for SD$1.50).One chicken soup 6th at sd$5.00 for my nieces and a nice photo book featuring many works of great photographers entitle : Graphis Photo 93 at SD$ 12, after 60% discount and this my best bargain(the one I am holding on pict) as I can simply feel inspire looking at every single piece of the 320 images and with nice caption from all the photographers..Gonna read them one by one:O) Suiling bought number of books too and we were so tired carrying them back home We did enjoy shopping books at Bras Basah and will be back again to hunt for more… I know we are just bookworms, a single nice picture that catch my attention from National Geographic will trigger my desire to possess them..hahah after all its only at SD$1.50!!! I FEEL RICH!!! what about Ms SUI?(she actually spent more then I did) LOL

national tire discount
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