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Big O Tire Store

big o tire store
    tire store
  • retail outlet selling tires and offering vehicle repair services.
    big o
  • The Big O is a music album recorded by Roy Orbison for London Records in the United Kingdom with the music and backing vocals by the "Art Movement." The album was released in Europe in early 1970.
  • The Big O is a centerless Ferris wheel in Tokyo Dome City. . It is the first centerless Ferris wheel in history and, as of 2006, the largest one in the world at 60 m (196 ft. 9 in.) in diameter. Tokyo's largest roller coaster, the Thunder Dolphin, shoots through the hoop at 130 km/h (80 mph).
  • Conductor; so named from first initial in Order of Railway Conductors. Sometimes called big ox and less complimentary terms

River 'helping' Toby
River 'helping' Toby
[10:14] Basira Ihnen stares in abject horror at the mountain of flesh protruding from the doorway of the store, "Wh-..." she started to say, but she stopped to gawk more until her attention drifted to the two others in the street, "What the fuck is that?" [10:17] Toby(Kyris Upshaw) grunts and squeals a bit, wriggling about, trying to get free. He huffs, groaning a little as he struggled to turn and look over his shoulder at whoever was watching, frowning at them. "Hmpf..." [10:18] River Grau is staring more in amusement than anything. He glances over his shoulder to the woman. "That's piggy. He's sorta like the village idiot, but much fatter." He smirks at Toby, "Hey, need help with that?" His hand slowly reaches for his knife at his belt. "Can cut yah free." [10:22] Basira Ihnen grimaces as she looks from River to Toby, "Gonna just let him in there? Today is shitty enough without me getting fired again, and I know I'll get fired if this piggy goes rampaging around in there." [10:24] Toby(Kyris Upshaw) grunts and looks away, grumbling as he squirms about, rattling the doors as he does, and began to hit them, whining "No! My dun need no help! *snorts* Just go 'way n stop lookins!" *squeals* [10:25] River Grau shrugs at the woman, "Uh, if he can walk after I cut him free.. it ain't my problem. I just want some bacon and haven't been able to get ahold of fresh meat. Tired of eatin' the synthetic stuff." He grins darkly as he approaches Toby, the knife glinting in the light of the lamps. "Just a little cut.." [10:27] Basira Ihnen seems to deeply consider the situation, or at least the mention of non-synthetic bacon, "Yeah buh...human grade chimera meat..." she mutters almost to herself as though trying to convince herself it was a bad thing, "Just don't damage the doors or anythin'." [10:28] Basira Ihnen: [Yeah but*] [10:28] Toby(Kyris Upshaw) growls and squeals angrily, looking over his shoulders again, beginning to stomp his hooves "Chu dont come near my wiff dat! No lil cut!" He pouts, whining. [10:29] Kyria Naimarc grimaces as she watches the horrific scene before her. The man holding the knife must clearly be a mental case. And Toby was oh-so familiar to her. She decided just to watch. [10:31] River Grau crouches down before leaping at Toby's back like a feline pouncing it's prey. An arm tries to wrap around the pigs neck as he slices at a side of fat stuck in the doorway with the knife wielding hang. "Bacon!" [10:32] River Grau: (hand*) [10:34] Toby(Kyris Upshaw) squeals and squirms about, wincing as the blade cut into his fat flesh, and began to flail about, attempting to lash out at River with his fists, but he was too fat to reach behind him properly "STOP DAT!!" [10:36] Kyria Naimarc hardly has the stomach to watch, so she flips down the aviators onto her nose making the scene much darker through her eyes. "Ugh.." Since the man who was cutting flesh from Toby clearly was insane, she opened up the holdster of her handgun, just in case. Leaning herself against the building to keep her back free. [10:40] River Grau holds onto Toby's back as he rides him like a wild bull. His head tilts back and the redhead cackles, which probably doesn't help anyone think he is more sane. "Ride 'em, cowboy! Oink." He kicks a leg at Toby's back while he pulls his knife down deeper to dig into the flesh and possibly take a nice sized chunk of fat and skin off of the side of the pig's belly. "Just one mor side to go." [10:43] Toby(Kyris Upshaw) keeps squealing as he squirmed and wriggled about, a slice of flesh dropping to the ground with a wet slap, followed by the dripping of blood. He whines, trying to throw River off of him "N-nooo s-stop it!" [10:46] Kyria Naimarc simply couldn't leave, she was frozen into place at the shocking scene. Her fingertips tapping at the hilt of her gun while she watched quietly through her dark shades. [10:50] River Grau nearly falls off as Toby shoves at him. The arm with the knife moving to grip around the other side of Toby's neck. "Hey, now. We gotta get your other side done so you can get out and I can make dinner." As long as Toby didn't move too much, he brings his knife to the other side of the round pig, ready to slice again. He doesn't even notice the woman watching them. [10:53] Toby(Kyris Upshaw) growls and squeals, beginning to slip free already, but only a little. He snarls and thrashes about, trying to throw River off "NO! OFF! MY AM NOT DINNER!" He whines, wincing as the door was now digging into the wound on his side. [10:54] Kyria Naimarc was not about to do anything either, she simply stood by as a witness. [10:56] River Grau 's looses balance and his remaining arm slips off of Toby's neck. "Fucker." He curses out as he hits the ground.
A Little Better. Day 110/365
A Little Better.  Day 110/365
At least I have a smile on my face in this photo. Yes, I am feeling a bit better, although very tired. My husband called me this morning and that seemed to start off my whole day right and I also decided to listen to this fun 90's mix that I had burned quite awhile ago now. I also managed to get my big paper done for 8 page paper turned into a 13 page paper and my mind is now completely drained. :P But, I feel as if that was a big accomplishment, considering I have worked on it for most of the day today. Tomorrow I start a new class, but I am going to try to take it easy, at least to an extent. Give myself a chance to recuperate after all that mind power at work today, LOL. =D The weather may look somewhat nice in this photo, but it was not that way for the biggest part of the day. In fact it decided to wait until I started walking to the store to kind of luck, but it wasn't too bad. Besides the fact that I was getting wet, I actually felt as if the rain was washing away all of my worries and bad a good thing in disguise today. Anyway, I hope that you all have a super night. =o)

big o tire store
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