S y  R o t h

Weeping Over Dusty Jerusalem
the dust of men covers the earth like a shroud
minute particles of Einstein sucked into left nostrils
Genghis Khan vacuumed into the right.
inhaled with gustatory abandon,
it blasts the eye with crimson carnage,
atomic or lance—
elephantine Big Boy
or marauding Tartars—
a sea of red dust
floats on an ocean of vaporized beings.
dust nestles clumsily on a gray landscape.
remnants of trillions
litter the dawn of mankind—
Cain throwing the first dull blanket, to follow
walls of dust built heavily upon Abel without surcease.
cries of vultures
cleanse the landscape,
their unsated stomachs
ingesting the dust liberally sprinkled
with gleeful enthusiasm.
choking on the dust.