R i c h a r d  J .  F l e m i n g

Lost Luggage

A man was buried in his pink '59 Cadillac. This was the same car that had crashed, in slow motion, through a tower of burning television sets. There is a hydroelectric dam in Aswan, Egypt that destroyed a lot of dynasty tombs. We can sometimes find peculiar artifacts hidden in desk drawers. There may also be old postcards from places you would never want to visit.


Next year, we are taking the kids to Disney World, to stand in line for hours, so we can have our picture taken with Goofy. The ocean is right outside the door; but will never seem as blue as the motel's indoor  pool. In a beach cabana, I will change into my neoprene suit and go looking for lost submarines. I know they're down there, with the tires and guys in cement overshoes.


The effects of brainwashing begin to diminish, after I turn off the TV. As I glance out the window, a woman about to fornicate, in an apartment across the street, draws the drapes. She could be planning a comeback in a comedy of manners. I know all the bit players. We attended the same high school. Every living room is a stage designed by interior decorators who couldn't get a decent job.