Members of the 557th AAA AW BN C Battery

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[84th Infantry Division Patch] Railsplitters: The Story of the 84th Infantry Division[ booklet text only ]
Brief overview of the 557th 

The 557th was activated 11 February, 1943. The authorized strength of the unit consisted of 39 officers, two warrant officers, and 800 enlisted men. The unit consisted of men primarily from Pennsylvania, Virginia, Maryland, and Washington DC.Ultimately the 557th would fight in four major WWII campaigns in the European Theater of operations, serve in Germany in the Army of occupation, and, today (1959) be an active unit of the Army reserve. (excerpt from: The Story of the 557th, Clyde D. Boden, Jr., 16 May,1959)

Front row-left to right  Javaronne --Wes Holland--Dale Mitchell
Second Row--left to right --Andy--Hespedi-Bill Arndt--Monzo
Third Row John Baylin--Ben Madanick-Dom Carlini--Harry M Rightnour

84th Division shoulder sleeve insignia
US 84th Infantry Division.png 

Division nickname
The 557th was attached to the 9th Army from untill November, 1944 at which time the unit was reassigned to the 84th Infantry. The 84th Infantry Division derives its nickname, "Railsplitter" division, from the divisional insignia, an ax splitting a rail. This design was created during World War I, when the division was known as the "Lincoln" division to represent the states that supplied soldiers for the division: Illinois, Indiana, and Kentucky. All figured prominently in the life of President Abraham Lincoln, of log-splitting legend.


Harry Rightnour

"...This is me in our Mount...It was taken near the Elbe

River, a short time before the war ended. We shot down
a plane here. It landed about 200 yards from our gun. 
I may be able to get a picture of what was left of
the plane and the pilot. H Rightnour, May, 1945 

"...Boarding ship at LaHarve France August 2, 1945
for trip across (English) Channel to Southhampton,
England..." H Rightnour








  Clyde Persion





Life during  war; European Theater,

"This is the Kraut from the plane that landedclose to our gunwhen we were near the Elbe River.A few weeks before the war ended. The top of his head was cut-off and and every bone in his body broken."...Harry Rightnour... 
                               Clyde Pierson
 Harry Rightnour, Ft Fisher
"A little souvenier of Marcelle Thill for my best friend Harry"....August 19, 1945, Luxenbourg
Harry Rightnour was there dinner guest.
"These are the four half-tracks of the first platoon. Mine is C-6. This was taken in Plankstald near Hildleburg..." H. Rightnour
"...Me again chopping wood. That lump on my back is a hood. It came in mighty good on these cold days..." H Rightnour..
 Hanover, Germany
                              Salvadore Piazza
Deauville France...Nice babe on the bike...
Soldier of Battery C, 557th A.A.A. AW Battalion wearing gloves in winter weather, Europe, 1944-1945.  Soldier is use the EE-8 Field Phone handset connected to the case on the truck 
Soldier of Battery C, 557th A.A.A. AW Battalion wearing gloves in winter weather, Europe, 1944-1945. Soldier is use the EE-8 Field Phone handset connected to the case on the truck.
                        Mel Stafford
Wes Holland, Harry Rightnour, Jim Smith
L to R...Brigham, Mitchel, Glasser
"At the Elbe River...How do you like that camaflaugejob on the pit...We dug sod and placed it around the pit"...H Rightnour
"That's me sitting on one of the flat cars we road from Brunswick (sp) to France. The row of box behind us were filled with German POW's. They were a sorry looking site (Holland)How about those beach chairs! some class..."
Harry Rightnour
 Jim Smith and Wes Holland, Paris, 1945
                              Clyde Pierson
H Rightnour's Halftrack...Andy and Dale Mitchell
"Taken at Deauville, France, July 1945" H Rightnour
M 51, Mount4-50 Cal. Machine Guns on Movable Turret
Mosquito Bomber...Taken at Watton Air Drome-England
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