Outdoor Bistro Tables

outdoor bistro tables
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outdoor bistro tables - Tile-Top Bistro
Tile-Top Bistro Table
Tile-Top Bistro Table
Tile-Top Bistro Table. The Terra Cotta Tile-Top Bistro Table top features a top constructed of small, square and triangular, terra cotta and gray sandstone tiles in a ringed pattern. The Marble Table top features a table top constructed of natural octagon marble tiles with black square marble tile accents; trimmed in a rectangular and square, black marble tile ring. The Fishtail Table top features a table top constructed of neutral cream, glazed tiles in a fish scale design. The cabriole designed base is constructed of powder coated steel . Adjustable, nylon glides prevent damage to surfaces caused by movement and provide stability on uneven surfaces. Size: 28" Dia. x 30" H. Order yours from Brookstone today!

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Rectangular Nesting Tables - Set of 3
Rectangular Nesting Tables - Set of 3
Metal Patio Furniture Store carries a wide selection of patio iron table, wrought iron bistro table and patio metal tables for your everyday home and garden needs. We also have the best outdoor patio furniture tables and wrought iron coffee tables including nesting rectangular and triangular tables to match your life style. The high-quality finish on our patio iron table makes every space feel like the perfect way to enjoy playing cards with your friends or sipping your favourite beverage. Whether it is a casual get-together, or a summer barbeque our wrought iron bistro table makes it feel like a beautiful summer afternoon. You can use the tables individually or use them along with patio metal chairs to give your outdoors the perfect touch to create a comfortable space. We suggest taking the time to read through our informative articles and product descriptions until you find the patio metal furniture or outdoor cast furniture that is perfect for you – and be sure to take a look at our 90 Day Manufacturer Defects Guarantee!
Silver lantern hangi with candles and flowers over the bistro tables. Asparagus fern covers the wires that hold the lantern.

outdoor bistro tables
outdoor bistro tables
Little Tikes Market Umbrella
Protect your kids from harsh outdoor summer sun. The Market Umbrella can be used with our kids picnic tables. Also fits select sand and water tables.

This sturdy kid’s umbrella provides a shady spot for outdoor summer play. The metal pole easily sticks into the sand at the beach or the soil at the park and can also be used as a backup umbrella for the Little Tikes outdoor Fold n’ Store outdoor table. The umbrella spans about 26 inches when opened and is big enough to cover a few small children at a time. Made out of nylon, the umbrella’s canopy has UV protection woven in as an extra shield from the sun and a vented top to prevent it from blowing away (although stronger winds probably could lift it). The two-piece construction is easy to set up by securely locking the umbrella and upper half of the pole into the lower pole. The canopy is simple for even kids to raise by pushing a button on the pole and lifting it. The umbrella breaks down to store in a matching nylon carrying case with a shoulder strap. --Cristina Vaamonde