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Antique Farm Table

antique farm table
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antique farm table - Groovy Stuff
Groovy Stuff Ranch House Teak Wood Dinner Table - Tf-320
Groovy Stuff Ranch House Teak Wood Dinner Table - Tf-320
Groovy Stuff Ranch House Teak Wood Dinner Table - TF-320. TF-320. Patio Dining Tables. The Groovy Stuff Ranch House Teak Wood Dinner Table - TF-320. For those looking for the secret to the exquisite beauty of our re-claimed Teak Wood furniture, the answer is simple. All it takes is the time and touch of Mother Nature. Antique Farm implements, yokes, plows, sugarcane grinders, and wagons from a bygone era provide the framework for the interpretations you see in our furniture today. For many years, this wood was not available to the public. Only recently has this vintage prized wood come to market. Soon demand will exceed supply, and the vintage collection you see in its purity today will be reduced to accents of varying degree. Each piece you see is designed for today s lifestyle from yesterdays antiquities. The rich colors and tight grains of this ancient Teak Wood combine to form the unique character and patina of this collection. Suited for both indoor and outdoor use, Groovy Stuff furniture provides the atmosphere and character you need to create a rugged earthy look. If kept outdoors, your collectible will turn silver gray as only mature Teak Wood does. These hints of gray add identity to each piece, but can be easily re-nourished with a fresh coat of Briwax once a season or to your taste. Congratulations on your newest discovery. DUE TO THE UNIQUE CRAFTING, THIS ITEM MAY VARY IN SHAPE AND COLOR. Dimensions (in inches): 80 W x 48 D x 30 H.

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Table Bottom
Table Bottom
The kitchen table bottom is now in two pieces. The board on the left has been recently been stripped by a professional that uses a dipping and heat process. The dip process looks lighter, cleaner but the wood is a bit raised. My sister carved her name on bottom. his rotary cut plywood is from the 1950's era and so it is not the original table top. The original table top may have been an oak, the same as the apron pieces. I am going to replace the table top with something similar to what the original top looked like. The table originally had drop leaves. I will do more research on what the original table top and drop leaves looked like. I want to use original or replica hardware on the table; the hinges and maybe the piece that allows the arms to swing out from the apron that holds the leaves up. I have seen tables like this listed on eBay ranging from $100-$500.
244-IMG 7212
244-IMG 7212
New dining table in alder wood with distressed finish to simulate antique farm table. Pull out breadboards at each end to insert leaves. Seats six when closed and seats ten with all leaves in place. Leaves store inside the table via a flip-down drawer front in one end. Other end contains regular drawer.

antique farm table
antique farm table
Reproduction Antique Cherry Farm Table
This reproduction antique farmhouse dining table is English-made by hand using the highest-quality materials and expert techniques. The solid cherry has a wonderful grain and rich, dark complexion that the barley twist legs and long top display quite nicely. All surfaces of this reproduction antique table are also hand-finished and hand-distressed, giving the wood a completed, genuine-looking beauty, while the farmhouse table top itself is hand-planed (also known as spokeshaven), just like English furniture makers have been doing for centuries. The skirt features a lovely accentual groove as well as a nice length that is long enough to display the beauty of the wood but not long enough to crowd your legs. Just under nine feet long, this reproduction antique farmhouse table provides comfortable seating for at least eight, so you can invite the whole family! Everything about this antique style farmhouse dining table speaks of high quality and superb craftsmanship, making it a fine prospect for any home furniture collection!
Dimensions: 92" wide x 42" deep x 30.75" high