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What Is A Hepa Filter

what is a hepa filter
    hepa filter
  • A high efficiency particulate air , or HEPA , filter is a type of high-efficiency air filter.
  • (HEPA Filters) Class of air filters which meet a minimum performance level of 99.97% on 0.3 microns efficiency. (This is only an efficiency test and may not show small pin holes or leaks.) In the cleanroom market HEPA is normally rated at 99.
  • Filter that traps airborne particles by forcing air through very dense mesh.
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Friends, 1995
Friends, 1995
Terry, Kathy, Monica and Diana....wonderful women and great friends. Fifteen years later, we've gone in different directions, but still are friends. Diana is still one of my closest friends and has always been there for me. Terry is a phenomenal woman. She hears from the Lord in a way most people only dream of. She shares His love and grace with whomever is lucky enough to cross her path. Three years after this photo was taken, I was in the hospital during the fires that were consuming our area. Smoke filled every room, and I'd had stomach surgery and was nauseous constantly and couldn't wait to leave! When The nurses started removing my staples, we found out that I had a staph infection which had caused the wound not to heal at all! It was horrible, and had to be left open to heal so they could get the infection dealt with, which was going to produce a horrible scar, but the worst part was that I had no idea when I would be able to leave! I called my mother, sobbing over the phone. I don't think I'd ever been in a place in my life where I gave up hope and felt in such a dark place, but I was in pain, sick, and in a room where all I could see were brick walls outside. It was like being in a prison that reaked of smoke! The hepa filters made it seem more like the bottom of a pencil sharpener than good ole' healthy smoke smell, and that made me even sicker to my stomach! I just broke. Well, Mom tried to pump up my hope and my faith, but I was inconsolable. When we hung up, she called Terry. Immeditately, Terry called and began sharing with me what God put on her heart to say- that I was His, and that Jesus would come in like a knight in shining armor and rescue me! I don't know why words I would usually view as "corny" made such a difference, but they did. I hung up the phone and got out of my hospital bed, and sat in a corner reading the bible and wiping away tears. Within ten minutes, my primary care physician stormed in, clipboard in hand, and announced, "why didn't anyone let me know you had a wound infection?! I'm going to send a wound care specialist in!" He began checking things on his list, and ordered tests. The specialist came in, and not only did I start getting the best of care, I even got oxygen, which I didn't really need, because I asked for it so I could get a decent night's sleep! Terry told me Jesus would rescue me, and I never expected Him to come in as a short, chubby, Italian doctor! I was out of the hospital on the 9th day, and Diana was the one who brought me home. Kathy was a nurse at the hospital at the time, and all four of these women visited me and brought me cards and gifts, and mostly, just their encouragement and reminder that God had not forsaken me at a time I needed to remember that the most. Yes, friends are a wonderful gift.
What: prefilters for a broken hepa filter Why kept: might be useful, it might be worth something Last used: two years ago. The hepa "appliance" has been broken for over a year I think Destination: I'll research ebay to see if there is a market otherwise Freecycle free4all Okay. I'm all caught up and I hope not fall behind again. I had the things set aside, but not blogged them. I can't tell you how it affected me!! I was a little stressed that I hadn't blogged them Sent on the Sprint® Now Network from my BlackBerry®

what is a hepa filter
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