Bypass Oil Filter

bypass oil filter
    bypass oil filter
  • Luber-finer is the inventor of the world’s first and most popular by-pass filter. A by-pass oil filter is an added system designed to be used with a full flow oil filter to remove more and finer contaminant particles, such as dirt and metals, than the full flow filter alone.
bypass oil filter - FRAM P10012
FRAM P10012 Centrifugal By-pass Oil Filter Element
FRAM P10012 Centrifugal By-pass Oil Filter Element
Since 1934 FRAM has been a pioneer in the field of oil filtration. We are committed to providing your vehicle with the very best in engine protection with premium, application-specific oil filters. Our dedication is backed by substantial, ongoing research in filtration media, filter design and manufacturing processes. As a result, FRAM oil filter designs represent the very best of what we have learned after decades of research and development. No matter what type of vehicle you drive FRAM has you covered.

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progress (UPDATED)
progress (UPDATED)
the starlet is coming along... so far: * alloy radiator * 3/8" metal fuel line under car * radiator and heater pipes * 3au k50 gearbox w/ modified gearbox crossmember * accelerator cable bracket * weld 3/8" pickup and return into fuel tank * install lift pump and filter, surge tank, bosch efi fuel pump into boot * implement idle-air-bypass bus and mount iscv * drill holes in boot, install grommets and plumb up fuel pumps and tank * install extractors * re-assemble ITB's with new gaskets * brake booster vacuum source * exhaust, o2 sensor bung & muffler to-do list: * t-piece to supply vacuum source for fuel regulator * 500mm of 16mm air line for to connect iscv to the idle circuit * clean up and install 365cc gze injectors * plumb up fuel rail feed and return * measure sensors & hook up water temp to the dash * loom * megasquirt :D * diff, engine and gearbox oil * tune * electric fan * bracket for gze coilpack (its dli) * bracket for heater tap * bracket for radiator * catch can for breather * driveshaft loop for cert
Oil Sump Assembled1
Oil Sump Assembled1
Here's the oil sump/pump assembled ready for action. The toggle switch turns it on and off. Usually operation is a five second pre-lube and then 10 seconds lube on for every 10 or 15 minutes of shaper operation. There's a bypass with valve from filter discharge back to the sump for pressure control. I've got it all set (speed and bypass) to give about 40 psig on the gauge which is way more pressure than is needed but you work with what you've got. The oil return from the base column goes up to a flat aluminum plate that sits between the chip pan and the bottom of shaper. I first tried to seal the shaper to the chip pan for a sealed oil catch basin but I could not get it sealed, the chip pan just wasn't cut accurately enough to the contours of the shaper's base. So a sub-plate was made and that works perfectly. BTW, I placed a big magnet inside the shaper on the sub-plate to catch the occasional metal chip that enters from the opening at the front of the column upon ram return. This work pretty well but there's also a funnel screen on the oil return hose opening in the sub-plate and the oil pump itself has a suction screen.

bypass oil filter
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