Sta Rite Pool Filter Cartridges - Jbl Filter Media - Jenn Air Water Filter Replacement

Sta Rite Pool Filter Cartridges

sta rite pool filter cartridges
    filter cartridges
  • (Filter Cartridge) A replaceable porous element made of paper or polyester used as the filter medium in cartridge filters.
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sta rite pool filter cartridges - Sta-Rite PosiFlo
Sta-Rite PosiFlo 137 SqFt Filter Cartridge UHD-SR137
Sta-Rite PosiFlo 137 SqFt Filter Cartridge UHD-SR137
Unicel Replacement Sta-Rite Posi-Flo (WC108-70S2X) Cartridge 137 SqFt # UHD-SR137 UHDSR137 Outer Diameter: 8 11/16 inches, Length: 31 1/4 inches. Cartridge element for Sta-Rite TX, TXR and PTM filters has 216 pleats and is made with 4 oz. filter material. This element has a blue 4-3/16" open top end cap and an orange 4-3/16" open end cap with 12 concentric slots. Sta-Rite: Posi-Flo II PTM135 Posi-Flo 135GPM-TX Posi-Flo 135TX Posi-Flo 135TXR Note: Unicel replacement has blue top end cap and orange bottom end cap.

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sta rite pool filter cartridges
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