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Sartorius Membrane Filters

sartorius membrane filters
    membrane filters
  • (Membrane filter) Microfiltration is a filtration process which removes contaminants from a fluid (liquid & gas) by passage through a microporous membrane. A typical microfiltration membrane pore size range is 0.1 to 10 micrometres (µm).
  • (Membrane filter) a solid continuous film of material that has microscopic pores of controlled size.
  • (membrane filter) a thin microporous material of specific pore size used to filter bacteria, algae, and other very small particles from water
  • Latin = tailor; hence, sartorius muscles, which produce the posture in which tailors once worked, squatting on the floor.
  • The muscle that twists the thigh and bends the hip and knee. scapula The shoulder blade.
  • A long, narrow muscle running obliquely across the front of each thigh from the hipbone to the inside of the leg below the knee
  • a muscle in the thigh that helps to rotate the leg into the sitting position assumed by a tailor; the longest muscle in the human body
sartorius membrane filters - Whatman Nylon
Whatman Nylon Membrane Filter White 13mm 0.45µm (Pack of 100)
Whatman Nylon Membrane Filter White 13mm 0.45µm (Pack of 100)
This Whatman high quality nylon membrane is suitable for filtering aqueous solutions, most organic solvents and a wide range of biological preparations. Can also be used where other membranes are unsuitable or difficult to use. Whatman nylon membranes are hydrophilic, eliminating the need for wetting agents that could be extracted when filtering aqueous solutions. The membranes are flexible, durable and tear resistant, and can be autoclaved at 121°C. Applications include: Filtration of aqueous and organic mobile phases, vacuum degassing, filtration of tissue culture media, microbiological media, buffers and solutions. Retention: 0.45µm. Diameter: 13mm. 100/Pack. Whatman #: 7404-001.

86% (8)
mPES Hollow Fiber Filters -MicroKros® -MidiKros®
mPES Hollow Fiber Filters -MicroKros® -MidiKros®
NEW Modified Polyethersulfone Hollow Fiber Filter Modules Single-Use Ultrafiltration Filter Modules for faster Tangential Flow Filtration Modified Polyethersulfone is an advanced hydrophilic membrane filtration chemistry that provides higher flux rates for faster processing times, excellent selectivity for separation applications, and low protein binding for higher product yields than other membrane chemistries. Spectrum's new modified Polyethersulfone hollow fiber filters provide all the benefits of modified PES chemistry in fully encapsulated modules that are priced for Single-Use. With Spectrum's Single-Use mPES hollow fiber filters, total development and production costs are decreased through the combination of faster processing times, decreased labor costs associated with filter cleaning for re-use and a reduction in the use of costly WFI water. Low protein binding increases the product yield of each processing run. Single-Use eliminates the need for costly stainless steel systems and increases manufacturing flexibility. Spectrum's Ultrafiltration mPES filters are available in 10 kD, 30 kD, 50 kD, 100 kD and 500 kD pore sizes with 0.5mm fiber ID.
CultureGard® HF Perfusion Filters
CultureGard® HF Perfusion Filters
CultureGard autoclavable filters are made with 0.2 µm MWCO DynaFibre® membrane that permits the flow of culture medium while preventing the introduction of foreign microbials. These specialized filters have a large surface area for faster flow rates under lower pressures. Lower pressure during filtration reduces the risk of the membrane clogging or rupturing. The DynaFibre Membrane is hydrophilic so there is minimum hold-up volume. The combination of faster flow rates and minimum hold-up volume makes CultureGards the ideal filters for adding even the most viscous nutrients, like 6M glucose or media with serum, to hollow fiber or stirred tank bioreactors. Nutrients can be easily added to a culture without a syringe and septum.

sartorius membrane filters
sartorius membrane filters
Whatman Cellulose Nitrate Membrane Filter with Grid Sterile 47mm 0.45µm (Pack of 100)
Sterile gridded Cellulose nitrate membrane filters by Whatman. Recommended for the majority of routine applications, this grade is manufactured under strictly controlled cleanroom conditions. Can directly replace the general purpose membrane filters of other manufacturers without requiring any significant change of technique. Other benefits and features include: Improved strength and flexibility to tolerate abuse without sacrificing integrity Low extractable levels—approximately 2% Autoclavable at 121°C (250°F), with low shrinkage Can be heated to 130°C (266°F) without damage. Can be autoclaved two or three times without major changes in physical properties Gridded surface (3.1mm intervals) make filters ideal for colony counting after incubation. Special non-toxic ink used is completely free from bacterial growth inhibitors. Pore Size: 0.45µm. 100/Pack. Whatman #: 7141-104.

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