Ro filter system. Change air filter car.

Ro Filter System

ro filter system
    filter system
  • The combination of a filter and associated hardware required for the filtration process.
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ro filter system - Application of
Application of a combined UF/RO system for the reuse of filter backwash water from treated swimming pool water [An article from: Desalination]
Application of a combined UF/RO system for the reuse of filter backwash water from treated swimming pool water [An article from: Desalination]
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Results from the full-scale application of a combined ultrafiltration (UF) and reverse osmosis (RO) treatment process for the reuse of spent filter backwash water (SFBW) from treated swimming pool water are presented. Ultrafiltration treatment showed a significant reduction of particulate matter. Turbidity decreased from values between 5 and 25 FNU in the feed (SFBW) to values below 0.02 FNU. At the plant investigated in this study, filtration periods up to 90 min were achieved. With this configuration, efficiencies of more than 97% for the UF plant were obtained. In order to avoid an increasing concentration of salts and dissolved compounds, up to one-third of the UF filtrate was directed to the RO plant. As a result, no deterioration of the swimming pool water quality was observed, and especially the concentration of disinfection by-products did not increase. A cost comparison showed annual savings depending on the expected useful life of the membranes. If the expected useful life of the membranes exceeded 7 years, annual savings of more than 4,300 would be possible. With regard to threshold values for the direct discharge of the concentrate, the concentration of suspended solids, adsorbable organic halides as well as the chemical oxygen demand are of special interest.

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Water filtration systems
Water filtration systems
Product Description Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment Model: RO-1000I(30000L/H) Capacity of pure water: 30000 L/H 25degree General power: 37.5KW Electrical power: AC 380V 50Hz 4.5A RO membranes: BW30-400FR: 8040 25PCS Multi-phasese pump: CR45-8(Groundfos Brand) Beforehand filter: 1800(diameter)x3000(Height)x4.0(thickness) 2items PP sediment membranes filter: 400(dia)x1000(H)x1.5 (T) 1 item Booster pump: CR45-2 Active carbon filter: 1600kg Quartz sand filter: 5000kg Functions: RO membranes auto wash and manual wash PLCcontrolled automatic system Twin water softener with automatic backwash control system Cleasn-in place standby membrane cleaning system RO membranes wash with medicine use Pure water height water level auto stop, low water lever auto start Multi-levels pump low feed water pressure valve protection, over rated power protection Size (mm): Main machine: 5000x1250x1800 Beforehand filter: 5000x1700x4200 Packing: wooden case Model NO.: RO-1000I(30000L/H) Standard: CE Productivity: 100pcs/month Unit Price/Payment: USD90000 HS Code: 84212190 Trademark: Angel or OEM Origin: China Min. Order: 1set Transportation: by sea Type: Water Treatment Export Markets: South America, Southeast Asia, Africa, Mid East, Eastern
3-Culligan-RO tanks
3-Culligan-RO tanks
A point-of-use reverse osmosis system was used for drinking water only. The system did not provide ample water for guests, and offered limited protection.

ro filter system
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