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6-Graphics & Publishing

Desktop Publishing

 Pre-recorded Lesson - Part A

Sample Files

Practice (do not turn in this portion)

  1. Input text: For the practice session we can use a sample file or dummy text dummy text from Lorem Ipsum typesetting generator. For the project(s) you turn in, you may use text you have written or public domain text if appropriate.
  2. Styles: Use styles to identify different heading levels within document.
  3. Table of Contents & Index: Insert a table of contents and index. You need to refresh these if you add more information. later.
  4. Hyperlinks: Establish hyperlinks to relevant resources.
  5. Sections & Columns: Incorporate double columns of text in specific sections while keeping single columns in other sections
  6. Text Boxes: Post your text using linked text boxes so text flows from one box to another. See a sample newsletter with linked text boxes
  7. Insert graphics: Insert graphics into text boxes and insert textural captions.
  8. Drawing: Include drawing elements such as callouts or dividing lines.
  9. Cite text: Always cite sources using footnotes or endnotes. The sample text is purposely plaigiraized from 3 or more sources. Can you determine where it was derived from?
  10. Bullets & numbers: Reconfigure bulleted/numbered information in sample document.
  11. Headers & Footers: Use footers for pagination, and headers for running titles.
  12. Tables & Graphs: Import tables and graphs generated in a spreadsheet such as Excel (sample).
  13. Layering and Word Art: Construct a title page that uses Word Art and Layers. Adjust the transparency of the layers to the text is easy to read.

Desktop Publishing Project (turn in this portion)

Teachers frequently need to develop newsletters, handouts, flyers, study guides and notes that incorporate graphics and text.

  • Develop one or more documents relevant to your teaching that incorporate the features listed above. Save your file in doc and pdf formats. Your documents should be related to what you teach, professional in appearance and useful to you or your students or school.
  • Provide links to the pdf and doc files.
Travis Nicol,
Dec 17, 2012, 3:04 AM
Travis Nicol,
Dec 17, 2012, 3:04 AM