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(1) Using Existing Spreadsheets

  • Watch video part 1- Using an Existing Spreadsheet (17 minutes) - make sure to watch full screen!
  • Use Microsoft Excel or other spreadsheet program to analyze the file entitled budget.xls. Assume that one of the wage-earners in this family looses his or her job. Create a second budget that shows "reasonable" cuts that may be made to balance the family budget. Include a printout of the budget
I started out by cutting out the van gas/repair all together which would save $95 dollars right off the bat.  I figured the use of the van would not be necessary, seeing as how Joyce does not have a job to drive to.  Similarly, I cut the grocery bill by $60 as well as the vacation savings down to $0, saving $100 each month.  I also cut the miscellaneous spending by $160 each month and cut the church charity and entertainment saving $370 each month as well. Overall I was able to save 900 dollars each month without having to cut any of the "necessities".  

(2) Creating Spreadsheets

  • Watch video part 2- Developing a Spreadsheet (21 minutes) - make sure to watch full screen!
  • Create a new spreadsheet file or a new worksheet in an existing educational spreadsheet file. Your worksheet should include a variety of calculations based upon cells in your new worksheet and/or associated ones in your modified spreadsheet file. Include a printout of your new spreadsheet in your portfolio.

(3) Graphing Data

  • Watch video part 3- Graphing Data (27 minutes) make sure to watch full screen!
  • Graph and chart creation and interpretation are part of the academic language of many subjects. Create two or more graphs (charts) from a spreadsheet files related to your discipline. Make sure the graphs are meaningful and are fully and correctly labeled. Include a screen-shot of the graph in your portfolio and explain its significance.

(4) Electronic Spreadsheets in Teaching

  • Develop two questions that can be answered from a spreadsheet file in your field. Chose another field if there are no relevant files posted. Include screen captures that show the answers to these questions as calculated by the spreadsheet program.

1) Looking at the chart above, which county has the largest population in California? 


2) Which county had the largest percentage of increase in the years provided?