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Wiki Contributions

 Professional Information 

  • Professional Background: Write one or more paragraphs in which you explain your educational and professional background. Include links to the high schools, colleges, and universities you have attended. Identify degrees earned and the fields of study in which they were obtained.
  • Teaching: Explain how you became interested in education as a career, and describe the classes and levels you teach or would like to teach.
  • Interests and Hobbies: Describe your interests and hobbies. You can provide links to your favorite sports teams or organizations.
  • Contact Information: Include your email address.
  • Photographs: include a photograph of yourself. This should appear professional.


  • Include 3 or more photos that illustrate the concept of chroma-keying .
  • Include a photo album of your own photos. If possible, it is best to have ones that are relevant to your curriculum.
  • Include photographs of notable people in your field of study, correctly labeled and posted on a photo website
  • Include photographs related to your field of study (samples) correctly labeled and posted on a photo website

School Information

  • Provide a link to your school website. (Use CSUN if you are not currently teaching)
  • Provide a link to a navigable aerial & street map of your campus

Sidebar links to all assignments

  • Copy the assignment names into the sidebar of your website.
  • Create a new web page for each assignment by making a link from the items you have just pasted into the sidebar.
  • Copy the text from the assignment pages into each of your assignment pages and then replace the text with your work. Make certain that your contributions appear in a different color font.


  • Team - List all people who belong to your subject matter team, with links to all of their pages
  • Editor - Identify the individual who will serve as your editor. Provide a link to their page
  • Enable on the "comments" section on each assignment page so your editor can make weekly comments.
  • Comment on all of our partner's assignments, and respond to all of your editor's comments