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Webpage Sharing (Nathaniel Jones)

If your site is private, you can share your webpage to allow individual or groups of people to view or edit your site. If your site is public, your site will already be viewable by anyone, but you can share your site to allow other people to edit your site. Follow these steps to share your site with other people:
  1. In order to invite people to view or edit your webpage you must first be signed in and you can do this at the bottom of the webpage by clicking on Sign in at the bottom of the page

2. Once signed in at the top of the page is a large blue button that says Share click here.

3. Clicking on the Share button will redirect you to a site that will allow you to manage your site. You will see the screen below. This tells you who already has access and what their role is, the empty box on the bottom is where you will type the email addresses of the people you wish to add.


4. Choose the level of access you wish to give them.
    1. Can View- This person can look at the webpage
    2. Can Edit- This person can look at the webpage, make changes to the webpage and add comments
    3. Is Owner- This person Can do all of the above as well as make administrative changes such as adding or deleting who is able to view and edit the webpage.

Your page should look similar to the one below. I added the group SED 514 and I am allowing them to edit my webpage. They will all receive an email that notifies them that I have allowed them to edit my page. I can choose to notify them or not, I can also choose to send a copy to myself. When I am finished I simply click the green share and save button.

5. You can also share a link to your site using gmail, google+, facebook or twitter.
Link to share
6. If sharing a link with others using these methods, be sure your visibility settings are either on "Public on the web" or "Anyone with the link."  If set to private, your link will not work unless you've explicitly added the user as described in steps 3 & 4.
Visibility Options