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Screen Capture (Soseh Khachturian)

A screen capture (also known as a screenshot or a screen grab) is an an image taken by a computer user to record the visible items displayed on the monitor.[1] On a Mac, a screen capture can be created by pressing the Command-Shift-4 buttons simultaneously. The cross-hairs that appear can be dragged over the cartesian quarters of the area the user wishes to be seen in the screen capture. The image will then be automatically saved to the hard drive. It will most commonly appear on the desktop or in the downloads folder. The image will be automatically formatted as a .PNG file. To take a screen capture of the entire page, press Command-Shift-3.

On Microsoft Windows, pressing Prt Sc captures a screenshot of the entire desktop and places it in the clipboard,[2] 

while Alt+Prt Sc captures only the active window or active dialog box. In most versions of Windows, captured screenshots do not include the cursor.