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RSS (Holly Adams)

RSS otherwise known as Rich Site Summary or Real Simple Sydication, is a simple tool used to publish items online and is commonly used in blogs and news feeds. RSS will standardize information such as author, title, content and create summaries.

rss  button
Steps to Create an Announcement Page:
Note: RSS feed "Subscribe to Posts" link is created when creating an announcement page.  
1. Click create page in top right corner on "home page"
2. Fill in "Name your page" (i.e. Blog)
3. Under "Select template to use" select "Announcements" 

Please see the visual example below:

blog screen capture

RSS Feeds 

RSS (Real Simple Syndication) is a web feed document used to publish websites that update frequently such as news, blogs, video or audio. The word syndication, syndicate, or syndicating means to publish multiple times simultaneously. Today, syndication is the way a mass amount of information is spread across the web. The pictures above are examples of RSS buttons on either a webpage or a web browser. Clicking these buttons will allow users to syndicate their work or someone else's work.

Please see an example below of how RSS Feeds Work: 

RSS Subscriptions

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication or Rich Site Summary, and like a magazine or newspaper, it’s a way to supply you with a list of current news items in a brief format so you can scan headlines and choose the items that interest you most, all without visiting the websites that publish them until you want to read the entire article. To do this you just click on the headline like any normal link on a Website. Since news headlines come to you instead of the other way around, RSS is referred to as content distribution or syndication.

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