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Print Screen, Screen Capture (Amy James)

On a PC:
1.  Press the Print Screen button (may be labeled as PRTSC, SYSRQ, PRTSCN, or PRNT SCRN ). This will take a screen shot of your currently selected window and save it to your clipboard. 

2.  Open a graphics editing program, such as Microsoft Paint.
3.  Go to the Edit menu and choose Paste or press CTRL and the V at the same time to paste the screenshot to your document. 

4.  If desired, use the select tool (or crop tool) to crop the image before saving the file as a .jpg, .gif, .bmp, .png etc.



On a Mac:
1.  Press the Shift , Command, and 4  all at the same time, this will bring up the crosshairs tool, which can be moved with the mouse. 

2.  Now you can select the area of your window that you would like copy while holding down the mouse.
3.  After you release the mouse, the selection will be saved to the desktop, ready to be inserted onto a document.
NOTEShift +  Command +  3  will automatically capture the entire screen
You will not be able to make a selection, b
ut you can crop the image later, if you wish.

Once you have the screen shot you want, you can then insert the image anywhere. For the purpose of this class, we use screenshots to document our progress in the class and show proof that we have completed the assignments required. Before inserting the image to our websites, it's suggested that we upload the images to a picasa web album and from there copy the image URL, which we can then insert into our website.

If you would like to edit the screenshots you created, there are a variety of image programs you can use.  The following are a list of programs for editing images:

Below are some additional useful links and tutorials that can further explain this process.


Source for PC: