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Picasa Slideshow (Adriana Lara)

The Picasa slide show allows for your viewers to see all of the pictures you have on your albums one after another. In order to get the slide show on your website to make it easier on one window first log in to your gmail account. Before you start make sure your pictures are already saved on an album on your Picasa account. Open up another tab and since you already have your albums save click on the album you want to show and click on slideshow, once the slide show is playing on Picasa copy the URL link that appears above the slide show. Go back to your website, on the far left you will see an insert button click on that, then search for Picasa Web Slide Show. A small screen should pop up, in this screen you can put the URL link, title your slideshow, chose the size, etc. Don’t forget to press save changes at the bottom!