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Internet Traffic (Jose De La Torre)


    Internet traffic refers to the flow of data over the internet.  High internet traffic can result in longer wait times when accessing websites. This is a result of too many people accessing the net at once. There are two ways to combat this problem. First, restart your browser; If that doesn’t solve the problem, then restart your computer. 

   Accessing the internet during off-peak hours, like early morning, is a good way to avoid the frustration of slow internet


    Internet traffic further refers to the number of people that visit sites and use the web. If you build a site for your class, you may also wish for it to be a destination for others as well. The more traffic that comes to your site, the more professional your work looks to your students and to colleague. Content and structure of your site is important in ensuring that those that visit your site refer to it in the future, increasing that traffic. 

Below are youtube links discussing strategies for your sites traffic:

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