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How to Refer to an External JPEG (Joseph Roberts)

How to refer to an external JPEG (Robert Usher)

Certain image hosts allow you to externally link or hotlink to images stored on their servers.
The advantage of hotlinking images is that you push all bandwidth costs to the image host, which saves space for your website.

NEVER hotlink from a source that you are unfamiliar with. Certain website have scripts that at best will block your ability to hotlink, and at worst will return images of the external website's choosing.


1) Right click on an image that you would like to hotlink.

2) Copy the image address. This gives you the specific image address of the photo 

3) Return to your website. 

4) Click on "Edit Page" on your website 

5) Insert the photo by clicking "Insert Image." 

6) In web address box post the "web address."
  1. Right-click on the image you wish to re-use and copy the image's location/web address/URL:
    • Copy "Image Location" - Firefox
    • Copy "Image URL" - Google Chrome
    • Copy "Shortcut" - Internet Explorer
    • Copy "Image Address" - Safari
  2. Go to the Google Sites page where you wish to re-use the uploaded image and make sure you sign in;
  3. Use the Edit Page button;
  4. Use the Insert button and then the Image menu item.
  5. Use the Web Address (URL) link;