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Exporting Email Groups (Yuntian Qu)

Open your gmail account. 

Click on Contacts. Go to More Actions and choose Export.

The pop-up "Export Contacts" window will open:

Click on Export Selected contacts, and under the format choose  Google CSV format. 

Change the name to the one you would like to use for your group. 
Save that CSV file to desktop. Under Compose mail: add bcc, click on Attach a file.
Locate your saved file, and click Open. Send your email by pressing "Send" button.


Importing & Exporting Contacts (Richard Diegor)

To export contacts: 
Go to Google Address book under GMAIL contacts
1. Select all under 514 Spring 12 Contact list
2. Export selected contacts "514S12"
3. Select Google "CSV" format 
4. Export
5. imported File will be on your Desktop. Look for CSV file 
6. Send a glass group email and attach the "google CSV" file
7. How to send a google group email: use "TO" contact and selected group. Make sure emails are BCC (BLind Carbon Copy" so classmates emails are not visible to reader
8. Attach "google CSV" to file to email. 

To Import Contacts: 
1. Find File (CSV) on your desktop
2. Go to Google, use drop down menu to contacts
3. On Right Sitemap, go to "import contacts" 
4. Attach file to import. Select "google.csv" and apply
5. Once the CSV list is imported, google will great a "NEW" contact group. 
You can either rename this imported group or 
manually delete names to illuminate duplicates
or hit the "FIT & MERGE DUPLICATES" on the top header bar above contact list and google will delete duplicates for you.