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Creating Google Groups (Natalie Burstein)

Google groups is an efficient way to communicate with your group online. Online discussion groups give us an opportunity to effectively communicate while saving data for future reference, if needed. Individuals with the same interest can easily organize a group online where they can share announcements and keep track of events. Another important feature is that google groups can be accessed from multiple devices and locations. For example, users can access the group through their Android orApple.iOL device by scanning this QR code or pointing their cell phone browsers to 


This screen captures shows you your first page


It takes three simple steps to create your own online group. The first step is to create an account, setup your group and invite people to your group. 
This next screen shown below is the second step, which is to create a group. Information such as a group name, a group email address, group web address and group description is required. The individual making the group has the option to make the group public, for anyone to join, but only members can post. One option is an announcement only group, where anyone can read the posts and anyone can join. Only managers can post messages in an announcement group. If you want a private group you can a choose the restricted option, which allows you that to invite people and they are the only ones with access. None of the information posted will be available on pubic records (on Google search results or the directory). 

A prompt will appear after the page is completed.  This is only for verification, follow the directions and click on create my group. 

Once verified, the next screen will prompt you to enter email addresses of those you would like to invite and an invitation message space. 

You will receive the important information about your new group in the email you had provided. 
Now you can start your discussions and add additional members