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Blogs (Elizabeth Ann Grasz)

A blog is basically a type of website, like a forum or a social bookmarking site. As such it is defined by the technical aspects and features around it, and not by the content published inside it.

Blog’s give you an opportunity to write content that is unique to you and your practice. Blogs give you an occasion to interact with your visitors while promoting who you are and what you do. In our class SED 514, Dr. Herr utilizes blogs so students can help each other with constructing their websites 

    Students can comment on certain aspects while creating their websites. They can give suggestions for improvements, or other types of feedback. It can be extremely helpful for future teachers to utilize this technique with their students.

     Also today, blog’s are being used for all sorts of purposes. Newspapers incorporate blogs into their main website to offer a new channel for their writers. Individuals also created blogs to share with the world their expertise on specific topics.

The features that make blogs different from other websites are:

  • content is published in a chronological fashion
  • content is updated regularly
  • readers have the possibility to leave comments
  • other blog authors can interact via trackbacks and pingbacks
  • content is syndicated via RSS feeds

Keep in mind that it is the bundle of those features that should define a blog. An online forum could also offer an RSS feed for example, but that would not make it a blog.

To Host or Not To Host

When it comes to starting a blog, your biggest decision will be whether you want to host the blog yourself, or use a free blogging service that is hosted for you.

Free Blogging Services
Yes, it's free, but in life nothing is really free. When you start a blog with a free blogging service, you don't get your own domain. You get something like (where there are a million other blogs at and you don't actually own the blog. If you ever do decide to move to your own domain, you have no way to take your readers with you, because you have no control over the site.

Host your own blog
This method offers much more flexibility and freedom to do what you want. You will have your own domain name, like You can get this for as little as $30 per year. WordPress is excellent free blog software that allows you flexibility and room to grow.

If you want to go the free blogging service route, check out links to free blogging services. If you want to host the blog yourself, read on.

You can also begin your own blog by creating a google e-mail (gmail) account and then visit this webpage. Once you are there, press the tab that says new blog.